1995 Toyota Supra SZ

Sold: $35,995

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Stock Number: 4614

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most iconic car to ever come out of Japan in the '90s is the fourth-generation Toyota Supra. This car has built a reputation over the last 25 years as being one of the most beautiful and bulletproof cars of the era. This 1995 RZ model has just arrived in our showroom and is quite the head-turner. While these cars always look good in stock trim, our newest one has a few nice little upgrades to kick things up a notch. The polished 18" Work VS KFs make for an immediate standout opposed to the stock wheels. Aside from simply being a great looking wheel, the 18's really do a better job of filling the wheel wells the way they should have from the factory. The color-matched front lip really flows well with the rest of the rare factory aero side skirts and rear spats. The Alpine Silver Metalic paint (199) is in beautiful condition and a classic choice for these. Aside from a few typical little stone chips, there's really not much bad you can say about it. The body is very straight with no notable dings or dents which is normally the biggest concern with these due to how curvaceous the body lines are.

As anticipated the interior has been kept up to the same standards as the exterior has. The cockpit is very clearly laid out and makes for a fantastic place to spend your weekends. While it's not 100% stock it's darn close with only an aftermarket shift knob and head unit to report. The shift knob is a much smaller billet piece that feels great in the hand and could easily be replaced with an OEM if its not your cup of tea. It is worth noting that these upgraded weight shifters do really make gear changes crisper. The Kenwood deck is a nice piece, however, is not actually connected to the speakers so we couldn't check the quality of those. Most will want to swap it out for something more US compatible anyway, so its no real loss. We've even had people track down original radios that people had replaced that way you can keep the OEM look and still have US radio again. The original seats are very comfortable and have been well maintained. The seats show very little signs of wear and are free of any rips or notable stains. The driver's side bolster has the slightest bit of wear along the bolster, but its nitpicking to say the least. The leather back seats are in even better shape considering hardly anyone can comfortably fit back there. The carpets/headliner/door panels are all equally clean with no real sunspots or tears to worry about. The automatic climate control is easy to work with and the A/C is pumping for those few last days of summer ahead. Naturally, you still have the basic power features like the windows, mirrors, and locks. The only thing to note is the control pad for the mirrors is a bit sticky so it takes some pressure to get it to register.

Under the hood is one of the most robust motors Toyota has developed, the 2JZ-GE. Because of its wide variety of applications, this is one of the easiest motors to maintain here in the states. You could literally take this to your local Lexus dealer to have it serviced if you wanted. The 2J fires right up and has the silky smooth idle that these are known for. The HKS HiPower cat-back exhaust has a very mellow tone that really comes to life as you climb through the rev range. The power delivery is great in these, despite not being the more powerful twin-turbo model. To help it breathe a bit better as well as declutter the engine bay a bit, a matching HKS intake was fitted. However, the real fun comes from the 5-speed manual sending power to the rear wheels. The W58 is an exceptional transmission that's just as smooth as the 2J is. The clutch engagement is solid but not heavy enough to drive you crazy at your first traffic jam. The factory suspension is more than capable when you leave town and the road gets twisty. While it's typically not the first car that comes to mind when you consider a new daily however with the way this thing drives you'll find yourself wanting to hop in this to make the morning commute over your "normal" car. On the flip side, with a chassis this clean it would make for a great candidate for the GTE swap since its literally plug and play. With a mere 73K verified miles it comes as little surprise that it didn't need much to get it back to turn key status. Fresh rubber all around, a new HKS filter, and a replacement battery have this one ready to turn heads. When you consider the cost savings of the GE over its turbo counterpart the SZ becomes a no brainer. All of the trademark looks with the ease of use of an NA that will even return some decent fuel mileage (assuming you can keep your foot out of it that is.) Now is your chance to own a piece of Japanese history, the JZA80 is a bonafide Japanese Classic!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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