At Japanese Classics, we get frequent inquiries about financing for our cars. Although we’re a licensed automotive dealership, we do not offer in-house financing, but we do have friends who can.

We have established relationships with trusted companies that specialize in collector car financing, including LightStream Loans, and J.J. Best Banc & Co. Click the link below to  see if you can get approved!

Please contact LightStream Loans or J.J. Best Banc & Co. for further assistance with financing.

*We also have a relationship with an additional lender who only wishes to be contacted by highly-qualified buyers. If you want another Japanese Classics approved option for financing, have at least five years of good credit and one previous auto loan, please ask us for their contact info.

We may be compensated by LightStream through links on this site.

Financing FAQs

No it is not, but we have a specific arrangements for our customers with J.J. Best Banc & Co. who specializes in financing specialty cars and offers the same deals that we would if we had the capacity for in-house financing.

That depends on a number of factors, but rates are typically 5–8%.

Of course the higher your credit rating, the more solid your credit history, and the larger your down payment, the better. But you may be surprised by the deals that you can get. Including down payments as low as 10%!

Please visit the J.J. Best Banc & Co website or give them a call to find answers to your questions. We want you to be able to purchase your JDM dream and are happy to help with any assistance credit companies may need.