We’re not bragging—seriously, you can just check out our reviews—but a lot of people are surprised by how comfortable their buying experience is with us. Whether it’s the cleanliness and reliability of our vehicles, our reasonable pricing, or the transparency of the transaction, here’s how we put universal quality into Japanese Classics.

We’re Tapped into the Source for ​JDM Vehicles


That’s right, Japanese Classics has a real base of operations in Japan.

We aren’t just ordering cars from Japan. We don’t just have contacts in Japan. We have our own office, yard and employees in Osaka, Japan.

Chris, the founder of Japanese Classics, actually spends between four to six months of every year in Japan. And because our US management is often physically there, and we have local employees who are always there, we can find the cleanest cars at auctions, car shows and private listings.

A lot of JDM importers are just buying remotely. An auction house or contact in Japan sends out a few pictures of a vehicle, and if the importer gets a good feeling, they go for it. It’s a gamble. And usually, they’ll pass that risk onto customers by selling these mystery cars sight-unseen. Not us—whatever you see on japaneseclassicsllc.com is right in our Virginia showroom.

Because we’re in Japan 365 days every year, we get the first crack at the nicest vehicles, often from sources that you just can’t access from a desk in North America.

Quality, Not Compromises

We can be extremely picky about the vehicles we buy. So we are.

We can be extremely picky about the vehicles we buy. So we are.

With our constant access to JDM gems, we don’t have to jump on a desirable model in questionable condition. And we don’t have to take anyone’s word on a vehicle’s condition, either. We inspect our cars ourselves, in person, and they have to hit these points—regardless of the model.

  • Well maintained overall
  • Sound mechanical systems
  • Immediately and reliably drivable
  • Good body and clean interior
  • If any previous repairs were made, they were well executed

After we buy them, the cars get an initial test drive as we take them back to our yard. Then we get them cleared for customs and ship them to the U.S. As a licensed, bonded importer, everything is always 100% federally legal and easily verifiable.

We’re a Licensed Dealership

Going JDM with us is as transparent as buying from any used car dealer in your town.

Going JDM with us is as transparent as buying from any used car dealer in your town.

With our constant access to JDM gems, we don’t have to jump on a desirable model in questionable condition. And we don’t have to take anyone’s word on a vehicle’s condition, either. We inspect our cars ourselves, in person, and they have to hit these points—regardless of the model.

What you see on our website is what we actually have in our show room. There’s no guesswork or promises. You can come in person and check out every inch of every vehicle before you buy one.

  • Want to check under the floor boards? Go for it.
  • Want to take it for a test drive? Have fun.
  • Want us to put the car on a lift so your very own mechanic can make an inspection? You got it.

As a legitimate dealership, all of our cars come with legitimate paperwork, including a crystal clear and completely valid Virginia title—transferable to all 50 states—a copy of the US Customs Release, and temporary tags valid for 30 days from purchase

We Go Beyond Typical Dealership Services

Shipping? Upgrading? Parts? The answer is yes.

Shipping? Upgrading? Parts? The answer is yes.

Our customers come from all over the US and Canada, so we’ll ship a vehicle directly to you, our put a vehicle on hold for a reasonable deposit while you make your travel arrangements. If your flight gets delayed, or you can only make it at an odd weekend hour, no worries. Whenever you get into town, we’ll be open for you.

If you decide to make a purchase and have some special work in mind, just ask us-we may be able to do it for you. Depending on the vehicle, your timetable, and our workload, our mechanics may be able to modify your ride before you even pick it up from our showroom.

And after your purchase, we’ve even got you covered for parts. We started our sister company, Japan Parts Service , so we always have those rare OEM and aftermarket parts on hand.

Check out japanpartsservice.com , if we don’t have what you need in stock let us know and we’ll track it down for you-usually within a couple of weeks.

Our 6-Point JDM Dependability Process

Our cars get inspected, serviced, test driven, repaired and detailed before we sell them. Once we bring the cars back to our fully equipped 10,000 sq. ft. center in Richmond, VA, we get to work on the following 6-point process.
  1. Virginia Safe
    First, we check ll of the major safety systems for a Virginia safety inspection: Brakes, lights, fuel, exhaust, steering, suspension, tires and horns. If there are any issues with these systems, we’ll fix them. If a windshield has a crack, we’ll fix it too.
  2. Fresh Fluids
    Second, depending on each individual car, we top off, change or flush the major fluid systems: Motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and sometimes even brake fluid.
  3. Keeping Cool
    And unless it’s already been done, we preemptively replace coolant system components to satisfy faster, higher intensity US driving demands: Upper hoses, lower hoses, and sometimes fan motors and housing.
  4. Through the Paces
    Then, each and every one of our cars gets a minimum of 100 miles of test driving. Our JDM experts will actually take each car home for a few days to be certain that they run smoothly and reliably—both on country roads and congested highways.
  5. Minding the Details
    And if we find any other issues—like a hole in the exhaust—we’ll fix them too. But if a car already has a buyer who wants to save money by making any of these optional repairs on their own, we’re happy to comply—as long as the car is safe to drive and will pass inspection.
  6. Picture Perfect
    After test driving and final servicing, we wash, buff and polish our cars for that showroom shine. You see how bright, shiny and clean our cars look online?​They look even better in person.

We bought an 88′ Silvia K’s at the beginning of 2014 and these guys were amazing. They even stayed at the hangar until nearly 11pm after our flight there was delayed by several hours. While I was still deciding, they responded very quickly with every video and picture request I had. After we actually bought the car we noticed that the AC buttons were sticking and they sent us an OEM replacement for free. I’ll definitely buy from them again!

I had the pleasure of purchasing a 89′ Cefiro from Chris at Japanese Classics and it was by far the best experience I could have hoped for. He kept the shop open late into a Friday night so I was able to purchase the car at a time convenient for me, and went through every detail of the car so that I felt 100% comfortable with my purchase. Anyone searching for clean examples of Japanese imports needs to talk to Chris and Japanese Classics LLC. Their service is above and beyond the rest!

Just purchased a 1990 Silvia K’s and the whole process went much smoother than I ever imagined. Chris and Robert were awesome at replying to my emails and any questions I had about the car. I paid for the car Thursday and two days later it was shipped and currently sitting in my driveway. The car was very clean like the pictures showed and I was notified of all the problems before hand other than just a few small things that would’ve been easily looked over. But I have absolutely 0 complaints and will definitely be buying from them again. Recommend 100%.

Bought a car sight unseen for them, and they did things to it that I didn’t even ask for (like removing a fender ding). These guys provide amazing service. Thanks!!!

Paid a visit to this awesome place today, the guys that work there and the owner were extremely nice.. A great selection of parts and the best car made!!! Will definitely be going back for parts and a import!!

I recently purchased a ’89 Cefiro from them, and I’m way beyond happy with it. Super professional with everything; and by far the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. It’s great to buy a car from someone who actually cares. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get a great condition car at a fair price.

Can’t recommend these enough, Chris and his team really have something awesome going on at Japanese Classics, I have purchased two vehicles through them now and both transactions were easy and prefect. Great communication throughout and everything was as described and then some.

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