1995 Toyota Soarer GT

Sold: $14,995

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Stock Number: 4942

The Toyota Soarer is a sizable, elegant, and powerful machine. TIt was the ultimate blend of luxury and performance while packaged in such an understated body. Toyota kept it a coupe to keep with the proper GT theme yet made sure it didn't fall flat in the driving experience. It's actually hard to believe that this car is 26 years old as the styling cues have never really seemed to date themselves, unlike many cars out of the '90s. This particular vehicle has been kept all OEM, just as Toyota had envisioned it. It even still has all of the original books in the glovebox still. Finished in Black Onyx (202) is a classic color choice for these and really fits the luxury styling. The paint in general is what we'd call fair; perfect for daily use but not show car quality. There are stone chips and some worn spots along the top half of the car as well as some swirl marks/scratches in the clear. Though clear on black cars is always challenging to keep perfect, especially after this long. While the paint isn't perfect the bodywork is in great shape. With doors this long it's inevitable that you're going to find a door ding or two, but overall it's been kept in good shape. There is one spot on the hood worth mentioning since it doesn't show well in the photos. Over on the driver's side nearer to the spoiler it looks like someone close the lid on something too tall and it put a small ripple in it. It only really stands out when you catch the lighting right and it didn't crack the paint or anything severe like that. The factory made sure to add a little flair with the front lip and rear spoiler to give it a bit more of a sporty undertone. The 5 spoke wheels keep things looking factory but have an extra little kick, unlike the original stock wheels. Wrapped in fresh rubber you won't have any issues with grip unless of course you cut traction off and want to get a little wild.

While the interior is all stock we don't often see the black cloth with these. The black is a clutch choice over the more traditional tan or light gray. Thanks to the darker tone they've done a great job of preventing any stains from coming through which is always a plus. The bigger worry would be seam separation or bolster wear but luckily we don't have any of that to report either. Even the most common issue of sun fading has been kept at bay which is another chronic issue with these darker colors. The dash and door panels are just as nice which can be another common issue we see with these. The brown wood grain veneer is a nice touch to break up the dark interior and gives a slight nod to the GT side of these. Chocked full of power accessories these are more akin to a Celsior on the inside than its Supra chassis would indicate. Both driver and passenger get power-adjustable seats and both are functioning as they should. Even down to the factory NAV screen which is typically one of the first electronics to go. All of the auto pieces like the digital climate control work properly as well. While the A/C works, the display screen for the climate control is rather pixelated but still legible enough to use. Before getting into the more standard features; you also get a few other harder-to-find options like cruise control and a power sunroof which are useful bits that we tend to take for granted these days. Onto the more typical stuff, you have power-folding mirrors, power windows (with the driver's one-touch feature) as well as power locks. The driver even gets an SRS airbag which was still a factory option back in Japan at this point. This one really is fully loaded and all operational which is a great thing to say.

Under the hood is really what separates the Soarer from the SC300/400. The powerful 2.5L twin-turbo is definitely the best engine for the chassis. With only 91K verified miles the 1JZ-GTE fires right up and pulls hard to redline; if you've never experienced a 1J then you're really missing out. They make good power off the line, but as the revs climb and that second turbo spools it opens up a whole separate power band. Being a proper GT car this one is fitted with an easy-shifting auto trans. While these can be turned into drift monsters, most people are simply in search of an enjoyable car to jump in and cruise which makes the auto so much more appealing. The trans engages without any hesitation and easily sends the power to the rear wheels. The trans also has adjustable settings for snow and power for those times that you want to get out and have a little bit of fun. In order to make sure our Soarer is ready to take on daily duty, it's been fully inspected by our trained technicians. Several key items have been replaced in order to ensure that it's ready to start its US chapter. We knocked out all the basics like a fresh battery, air filter, and oil change. On the larger side, the 1J has a new alternator so you won't have to worry about that for some time to come. The suspension got a fair bit of new pieces like the front lower control arm bushings, and the front sway bar end links. One test drive is all it takes to show you why the 1JZ powered cars blew away the SC's that we got stateside. Combining a level of luxury, dependability, and performance rarely seen makes this an ideal daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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