1995 Toyota Levin BZ-V

Sold: $11,995

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Stock Number: 4831

The Toyota Carolla Levin has been a legend in the auto world since 1972. Made famous as the star of Initial D series it's been an icon ever since. While they used the 4th generation AE86 for that series the vehicle itself went through several more changes over the years until we made it to this 7th generation AE111. While the older generations were rear-wheel drive, the newer models went to the more efficient front-wheel-drive setup. While that may sound like a negative, these are some of the most fun cars to toss around. After the first one we had come through several months back we all fell in love with this chassis. The 4A-GE Blacktop 20V is one heck of a motor with its Variable Valve Timing and individual throttle bodies they were rated at a respectable 163hp. While the stock one we had was a blast, this one is even better since it received some help from the aftermarket world. The body has received the full TRD treatment which gives it a far more aggressive look but is based on factory design giving it the proper OEM+ feel. The back bumper went for a more aggressive approach and was fitted with the Bomex Style 2 rear which really does cap things off. Paired with that TRD wing just looks spot on. The aero fits great and really does transform the entire look of the car. For an extra pop, a set of 16" red Work CR Kais wrapped in fresh rubber were added which, frankly, looks killer on every car. Super White (040) is always a super choice as it doesn't show dirt and scratches as badly as a dark-colored car does. The paint itself looks fantastic with only a few routine little blemishes like stone chips and little door dings.

Like the body, the interior has seen a few changes over the years. Most noticeably the driver's seat has been replaced with a fixed back Bride bucket. Admittedly the seat has seen better days as there is a fair bit of bolster wear from climbing in and out over the years. While it may be a bit more cumbersome to climb in and out of, once you're in it really does its job. The passenger and rear seats are all particularly clean with no real blemishes to note there. Usually, we expect to see some sun fading or some small stains but there's really nothing to report there. Even the back seats offer a good deal of bolstering to keep you in place when the road gets twisty which we don't see very often. The Lonza 3 spoke wheel is a fitting replacement for the clunky stock one and has been kept in rather good shape considering its a high use item. The shift knob is far larger than stock which may look a little silly but definitely works well. The added height makes rowing through the 5 speed noticeably easier. While it does have an aftermarket Carrozzeria head unit you'll probably want to swap that out for something more US compatible down the road. The only other addition is the Blitz Vacuum Gauge atop the dash which is a fun little piece to follow along with when you're getting on it. The red and orange color swap for the gauges makes it easier to keep the tach and speed separated at quick glance which is surprisingly useful. The dash itself is in great shape as well, free of any distortion from sun damage or cracks. Of course, you have all of your standard power accessories like the locks, mirrors, and windows. The climate control system is a bit more simple but is straightforward to work with and hasn't given us any issues.

The engine is an absolute gem and is special thanks to its twenty valves, individual throttle bodies, revvy nature, and signature sound. The sound in particular is what makes these cars just so fun. While they're very pronounced in stock form when you open up the intake and exhaust it only gets better! The HKS intake lets the ITBs really sing which is sound unlike anything else we sell. While it looks much better than stock, the Kakimoto catback gives it a particularly savage tone. Thanks to a fresh set of plugs the 4 cylinder fires right up with a twist of the key. Shifts through the 5 speed are crisp and the clutch is pleasantly light. Power is immediately sent to the front wheels and has more than enough torque to break them free. You can't help but rev this thing, and acceleration is pretty impressive. It pulls all the way to 8K, and up top, the engine is as good as any Honda out there. With the known reliability of Toyota 4 bangers, the 159K verified miles means this one is only getting broken in. The suspension is direct and nimble, even in stock form. It has had some help in that department by way of a Carbing rear strut tower brace and a Cusco one upfront. The brakes have more than enough stopping power should you find yourself in a sticky situation. While the AE111 may not get the same love that its predecessor did we sure can't figure out why. Killer looks, a comfortable interior, and a fantastic drive really does check all the right boxes. Plus, being a Toyota you know you've got the reliability to back it up. When you're looking for a new toy that's unique yet still practical the Levin isn't a car to sleep on. Now is the chance to jump on one before the secret gets out!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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