1995 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited

Sold: $18,795

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Stock Number: 4611

The Toyota Land Cruiser represents all of the best attributes of the modern sports utility vehicle. The 80 series brought a long list of fresh upgrades, including new sheet metal, an unstoppable 4.5L I-6 power plant, and a more spacious and luxurious interior. This 1995 model has plenty of room for the family, and a 4WD system capable enough to transport them over the most treacherous terrain on or off-road. Our latest model has the looks to back up the brawn fitted with a massive IPF brush guard and matching rear bumper. Aside from the extra flash of chrome to pop off the Super Black Paint that is. While originally leaving the factory in Gray Metallic (1A6) it underwent a full-color swap at some point in time. The swap was well done, with the only signs of the original color being under the hood. The respray is definitely older as there are some spots where the clear has been fading and there are some spots of touchup paint. Specifically the passenger side right near where the hatch and roof come together. Barring the paint blemishes, the bodywork itself is in great shape. It naturally has accumulated a few small dents and dings over the years but nothing too concerning. For instance, someone did back the passenger rear bumper into something causing a little paint spiderwebbing and an indent. In keeping with its off-road roots the 80 is rolling on some beefy 33” BF Goodrich all terrains wrapped around a set of 16” Deerfield wheels. The bronze face with polished lips really pop off the Super Black body.

While we often see the VX Limited Trim model, it's not so common to find one with the 3rd row still in place. Since these were the highest trim level it wasn’t uncommon for people to order them for the accessories like the center console cool box and rear climate control then pull the back seats for the extra space. While the back row are jump seats that can fold up against the side windows it does still take up some additional cargo space. However for those of us that do find the need to haul around 6 of your closest friends the VX has your back. Even more surprising to see is that all three rows have been fitted with a quality set of leather seat covers to both spruce up the interior as well as to protect the seats below. The seats feel to be in great shape below the covers, however, we have not removed them to see if there were any stains to note. We can say that the headliner, door cards, and carpets have little issues if any, as the old owners obviously cared for this truck. The front passengers have most of the luxuries including heated seats and that center console cool box. Of course, you still got all of the typical amenities of the era like power windows, a powered sunroof, cruise control, power mirrors, and locks. The climate control system has controls for both the front and rear occupants and is ready for the waning bits of the summer heat. For the days when you'd rather roll with the windows down it has the factory rain guards fitted which help to cut down on wind buffeting and can allow you to vent the cabin even in the rain.

Underneath the massive hood is Toyota's tried and true 1FZ-FE 4.5L gas engine. These naturally aspirated beasts are known for being bulletproof. The beauty of this setup is the fact that it was used here stateside as well which means that any Toyota mechanic can work on it. If you were to find yourself in a bind out on the road your nearest Toyota dealer could even take care of any issues for you. Being nearly all stock with a mere 107K verified miles you have little to worry about. The beefy straight-six provides usable power on the highway and more than enough torque to get you out of any off-road adventure you may encounter, even if it is just a run to the market during the first snowstorm of the year with winter on its way in. The 4.5L is quick to turn over and its upgraded catback exhaust offers a deeper tone without driving you crazy when cruising on the interstate. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly up and down the gears, and neither clunks or hesitates during routine use. This one is a K295 truck which means it's fitted with the front and rear LSD to aid the four-wheel-drive system if you're in a pinch. The power-assisted steering is surprisingly easy to articulate and lighter than you would expect while the brakes do an impressive job of slowing down this heavy rig. As a practical, unique, and capable SUV the 80 is tough to beat. It came in needing surprisingly little maintenance, simply a tightening of the front right wheel bearing, and a fresh oil change has it ready to take on whatever you can throw at it. The gold standard of SUVs, these Land Cruisers provide unbeatable value. US versions regularly sell for similar money in worse condition with triple the miles, so why not make the move to a proper right-hand drive?

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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