1995 Toyota Aristo 5 M/T

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The Toyota Aristo was the brand's flagship luxury sport sedan, built with style, comfort, and quality in mind. Sharing an engine with the legendary Supra twin turbo, the Aristos offered the same potential for power in a plush, grand-touring package. For some enthusiasts, the factory equipment simply wasn't enough, with examples such as this 1995 Aristo 3.0V getting fully done up! Boasting a real-deal manual transmission swap with trick upgrades such as a 2 way LSD and hydraulic handbrake setup, this Aristo is ready for drifting, canyon carving, or a daily trip to the grocery store! The exterior shows nicely and is rather reserved compared to the rest of the vehicle. Finished from the factory in Silver Metallic this Aristo has undergone a complete color change to a one-off Raven Black Mica, showing only a few expected dings, chips, and scuffs from normal day to day use. The exterior is free of any unnecessary aftermarket modification, and a set of polished 18" SSR Vienna alloys perfectly complement the stock bodywork. Sporting just 75k verified/documented miles, this Aristo has barely been broken in and is the perfect race-ready chassis for any discerning Toyota enthusiast. Spacious, comfortable, and most importantly blisteringly quick, this Japanese Classic is not for the faint of heart. 

The interior is spacious, and despite being purpose-built this Aristo still packs all the room and amenities needed to make for a true drift taxi! The factory bucket seats were ditched in favor of two matching Recaro SR3 units, the fabric is soft to the touch and shows no notable defects. The grey leather upholstery on the door cards shows well and the rest of the interior fabrics aren't too worse for the wear, save for some modification to the factory carpet. The rear bench was even retained if you want to accommodate additional passengers. The driver benefits from a power tilt and telescoping steering column to further dial in the driving position, and a MOMO steering wheel offers up more legroom and replaces the clunky factory unit. The dash is clean and in good nick, resisting any major cracks or UV damage over the years. The lower trim is mostly intact, save for some missing radio trim, and houses a fully functional automatic climate control unit with cold A/C and hot heat still in good operation. The Kenwood audio is currently not operational, however, we see this as an excuse to spend more time listening to the inline six goodness. The center console has been cleverly retrofitted to accommodate the 5MT shifter and hydraulic handbrake setup. Power windows, door locks, and even power-folding mirrors work like a charm and make daily driving a bit more comfortable, although we must note the left rear window does not operate. A power moonroof is fully operational and can be unfurled at the push of a button. Overall the interior is a perfect blend of form and race-ready function and the condition should be satisfactory for nearly any performance enthusiast. 

While the exterior and interior are interesting in their own right, under the bonnet is where the party truly lies. If the legendary 2JZ-GTE wasn't already potent enough in its stock form, this one boasts enough modification to blow the doors off of just about anything on the road. She cranks over swiftly care of a new 12v battery and the list of upgraded parts is extensive, to say the least. Boost is delivered via a new single GT3582 turbocharger, which delivers linear power and makes this 2J a breeze to service compared to factory twin setups. Futhermore, we've already replaced the rear main seal and performed a fresh oil and filter service to keep this one well lubricated for it's next track day. Induction is fed through an Apex'i intake, and a turbo back HKS exhaust with an external wastegate dump emits a raucous roar as you rocket this one up to highway speeds. A custom intercooler sprayer is fitted to a massive Trust front mount setup, keeping the air from the turbocharger crisp and cool. HKS camshafts and cam gears smooth out the powerband a bit, and the fueling system is bolstered care of an upgraded fuel pump. An aluminum Koyo radiator keeps temperatures down during performance driving, and a catch can was fitted as a measure of preventative maintenance. Best of all, everything is operating smoothly off the factory ECU! The 5-speed manual transmission does a swell job of handling the increase in ponies, and power is hammered down to the rear wheels care of a new center bearing and ATS 2 way differential. For aspiring drifters, the rear is already equipped with a dual caliper setup, consisting of OE Toyota and Nissan components, and trust us, it does work as intended. The aftermarket coilovers are surprisingly comfortable should you choose to run errands in this one, and the brakes bite hard as expected. We've replaced the inner and outer tie rods all the way around to thwart any steering woes, and new Falken rubber on all four corners delivers plenty of necessary grip for any driving situation!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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