1995 Nissan Silvia S14 K’s Coupe

Sold: $17,995

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Stock Number: 4722

By the time 1995 rolled around Nissan was already in full swing with their new lineup of vehicles. The Skyline had been revamped, the S13 had fully evolved into the new and improved Silvia, and even new models like the Rasheen. Seeing as we can't import a vehicle until it's 25 years old having the option between the classic S13 and the newly redesigned S14 has been great. Not everyone was quite as big on the boxy, angular, designs of the Skyline and Silvia of the past. The new design allowed for the car to be slightly wider and lower than the outgoing Silvia but with only a minimal jump in size. The lower/wider stance only helped to aid the already nimble chassis and now with improved looks. While keeping much of its stock look our most recent K's has a few tweaks to take it to the next level. With its upgraded Bomex bumper and matching side skirts, it complements the factory body lines quite well without looking dramatically aftermarket. The front bumper is in great shape which can be a bit of a concern with FRP aero since it can crack from impacts. The Pearl White (WK0) paint matches great which can be a challenge to do with white cars. The paint itself looks fantastic with no real blemishes or marks to report. Like any 25-year-old car, it does have a few small door dings and some small stone chips but nothing out of the ordinary. Tein coilovers get the Silvia dropped down a bit to give it a more aggressive stance that the cars frankly deserved from the factory. Bronze always looks fantastic on white cars, so the 17" AVS Model 5 looks exceptional. They fill the wheel wells appropriately without looking over the top, almost as if they were a factory optioned piece. Otherwise, the exterior is generally stock looking in appearance since Nissan did such a great job out of the gate.

The interior, on the other hand, has seen quite a few deviations from stock. It's impossible to miss the full Safety 21 bolt in cage that adorns the cockpit. Unlike many cages, this one goes around the dash so it prevented someone from having to chop it up in order to accommodate. Despite its size, it's surprisingly unobtrusive when it comes to climbing in and out and even with visibility. Recaro was turned to for seating since the stock ones only do so much when it comes to keeping you in place. The reclinable Recaro offers a ton of bolstering for when the roads get twisty yet remains comfortable enough for your normal commute that the fixed back version doesn't. A common side effect of this style of seat is some accelerated bolster wear which is why it has a stick-on patch to try and help prevent it from getting any worse. There is also a bit of puckering on the seat base which you can spot in the photos, but it has no real impact on its quality. The stock passenger seat is in rather good condition, free of any notable stains or tears, and is mighty comfortable. As expected, in order to properly mount the cage the back half of the car was stripped which also offers a bit of weight reduction which is always a plus. A classic Momo leather 3 spoke was added in place of the stock wheel which feels better in the hand and most certainly matches the look of the car better. Atop the clean dash (which is impressive in its own right) are matching APEX'i boost and water temp gauges. Mounted below the dash is the playback system for the water temp to note out peaks and allow you to set custom alarms for an extra layer of safety. Next to that water temp gauge is an APEX'i AVC-R boost controller, however, it's not currently powered. Everything appears to be in place if you decided to get the system back up and running down the line. The same goes for the head unit, though even if it was powered it would still only have limited use here stateside. Above that is a manual climate control system which we don't see often in these. The perk is that these have less of a chance for failure than the fancier digital ones. While you won't need it for long, the A/C does blow cold and the system is rather simple to use on the go. Naturally, you still have the basics like power windows and power-folding mirrors.

The SR20DET was redesigned for the S14, featuring a larger T28 turbo and VCT for the first time. This example has been lightly modified to back up the more aggressive looks. With only 91K verified miles the SR quickly jumps to life. An APEX'i intake and full hard pipe makes for all the right noises you expect from a turbo car. A larger MAF was fitted to better feed the turbo off of an Infiniti Q45. In order to run an upgraded MAF, the ECU does have to be tuned which only helps when it comes to the power department. A massive Blitz front mount intercooler properly fills the front bumper and gives off a menacing look for those that catch you in their rearview mirror. Since you can't add power and leave out the exhaust that too has undertaken a full overhaul. A beautiful tubular manifold was attached to the turbo which not only adds a little flash but also helps to reduce spool time. A high-flowing 5Zigen catback gives the SR its signature tone. It's almost a crime to keep one of these with the stock exhaust. Boost has been left stock but only one drive in this Silvia will instantly put a smile on your face. Not only does it sound great but it drives excellent as the acceleration is surprisingly quick when you get on it. The clutch has been upgraded to ensure that there are no issues with putting the power down and shouldn't need to be replaced for quite some time. New Falken tires on all four corners also helps with keeping the power under control. To help out the Tein coilovers a Cusco strut tower brace was added upfront to keep the front end tidy. Whether you're looking for a slick new daily or a weekend toy you can't go wrong with a properly modded Silvia. This one checks all the right boxes while still maintaining its driveability. After all, the S chassis is the best chassis!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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