1995 Mitsubishi Evolution III GSR

Sold: $21,995

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Stock Number: 4596

You'd have a tough time trying to argue that the Mitsubishi Evolution isn't one of the most prolific rally cars built for street use. After Group B became too extreme and had to be done away with Group A became the center of attention with every major manufacturer throwing their hat in the ring. While there were plenty of unsung heroes like the Celica GT4, the Evo and STi have always been the two most recognizable platforms. While the US did eventually receive offerings from both manufacturers we never got to experience the raw initial offerings, until now. While each manufacturer took its own approach at the same goal, Mitsubishi stood by the great Colin Chapman's philosophy of "Simplify, then add lightness." Weighing in around 2,700lbs and sending 270hp to all four wheels resulted in quite a prolific drive. The Evo III took what they had learned from the prior generations and only improved upon it. New, more aggressive styling and a new nose molding improved the air supply to the radiator, intercooler, and brakes to help on longer stages. While the body is mostly all stock, it does have one large deviation from the factory and that was the removal of the giant rear wing. Many have accused it of being a bit "boy racer" so the shaved trunk really did clean up the side profile (along with making it easier to see out the back window.) Its Queen's Silver Metallic (A21) paint looks great and is one very understated color choice. The paint itself is in great shape which leads us to believe it was resprayed at some point in time. The assumption would be that the car was redone when they shaved the trunk since everything matches up shade wise quite well. The body is also in rather good shape with only a few typical door dings to report. Even the stock wheels hint at its rally roots, the 15" white OZ wheels are simply spot on wrapped in fresh rubber.

While the Evo was built for one thing, and that was going fast, the GSR makes the experience a bit more refined. The RS came lacking power windows, a radio, even air conditioning in the name of weight. While fantastic on track, not as pleasant getting to or from said track. The GSR comes equipped with all of the basic amenities to make it more of a daily driver. The reclinable Recaro buckets look right at home as they became the signature seat of the chassis. The seats are in overall good condition, however, there is a slight bit of bolster wear on the driver's seat. Luckily though, all of the seats have been spared from the more troublesome issues like stains, tears, or seam separation. Per usual, the back seats look to have seen little use over the years. There is a bit of sun fade on the top of them, but nothing of real concern. Since these came better equipped than the RS versions all of the creature comforts are still present and functional. The stock radio, digital climate control, power windows, and power locks. The power-folding mirrors do work but have been a bit finicky. Luckily once you get them set it's not something you're going to be changing all that often. It even still has the original floor mats than have been kept up with pretty well considering their job is simply to take all of the abuse in place of the carpeting.

The engine and driveline utilized in the Evo are legendary. The fact that Mitsubishi used this 4G63 in every Evo up to the X is a testament to how well this unit was designed. Know for its abundance of low-end torque, and infinitely capable of handling more power modifications, this all-stock powerplant is a pleasure to wind out. With a mere 108K verified miles normally we would expect to find at least an intake or exhaust, but this one has been kept all OEM which is a bit of a shock. The 4 cylinder is quick to turn over thanks to a fresh battery. Running up and down the gears, the close-ratio five-speed manual is nicely mated to the power unit. The transmission shifts well and has been fitted with a new Excedy clutch and fresh fluid change so that won't have to be addressed for quite some time. Delivering power to all four wheels through a mechanical LSD means you can put down the power in any condition. You truly have to drive one to really take it all in. These cars are quick even by today's standards with a 0-60 time of right around 5.0 seconds. The factory brakes and suspension are very capable and no issues switching between twisty back roads and highway cruising. The steering is incredibly light and capable, the connection you have to the car is unreal. Its power, handling, and AWD prowess have made the Evo an automotive icon. Now is your chance to finally own the proper version that Mitsubishi starved us from for so long.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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