1995 Toyota Supra SZ-R

Sold: $36,495

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Stock Number: 4606

The fourth-generation Supra was the pinnacle of Toyota's nearly thirty years of sports car development. Perhaps Japan's most storied grand tourer, the MKIV blends performance, refinement, and quality into one stunning package. Our latest '95 SZ-R is a spectacular example of just why these cars have become such legends. While they look great in stock trim, there's no shortage of aftermarket options for these for just about every part on the car. This one has had light aero upgrades over the years like the trademark Bomex style front end. This bumper is best known for its use on the hero car in the original Fast and The Furious Supra. The side skirts and rear spats are TRD which is more in keeping with the OEM+ vibe. Finished in Super White II (040) you really can't go wrong. The paint shows quite well for its age, with only minimal blemishes. Like any 25-year-old car, the paint isn't perfect but it's in well above average condition. For instance, when you pop the hood there's some paint fade along the inner of the fenders. With the hood down you can't notice the small spots like that but we wanted to make a note. The same goes for the headlights as the chrome housings themselves does have some flaking/fading. It has no impact on light output but is noticeable up close. The bodywork, on the other hand, is in great shape. Barring a slight door ding or two there's really not much to note. Even the fitment of the aftermarket aero is quite nice, as we generally expect them to be slightly off. Bronze 17" Enkeis wrapped in fresh rubber look right at home and really pop off the Super White II. To make sure the ride height matches the rest of the car Blitz Damper ZZR adjustable coilovers sit on all four corners.

The cabin is particularly clean and is one of the coolest designs to come from the decade. All of the gauges and control tilt inwards towards the driver giving a very fighter jet cockpit feel. Power accessories were plentiful at the time including windows, locks, and mirrors. The JZA80 includes a tilt-adjustable steering column to accommodate drivers of all sizes, fully digital climate control with functional A/C and heat. We did remove the old tint off the back glass which did leave a little bit of residue on it. Nothing that a fresh coat of tint shouldn't cover-up, and frankly, makes every car look better. Since it's illegal to tint front windows in Japan it's typically one of the first things everyone looks to do. The stock interior has been left largely all alone but does have a few nice upgrades. The leather-wrapped Nardi is a great addition to any vehicle and looks right at home. The shift knob has an interesting shape, but it feels great in the hand. The original seats are very comfortable and have been well maintained. The seats show very little signs of wear and are free of any rips or notable stains. The same can be said about the carpets/headliner/door panels. It seems that the previous owner loved this car as much as all of us do.

Well maintained is a theme of this Supra. The previous owner clearly took a lot of pride in this car and mechanically is no exception. Under the hood is one of the most robust motors Toyota has developed, the 2JZ-GE. Because of its wide variety of applications, this is one of the easiest motors to maintain here in the states. You could literally take this to your local Lexus dealer to have it serviced if you wanted. With only 107K verified miles the 2J fires right up and has the silky smooth idle that these are known for. The titanium cat-back exhaust has a very mellow tone that really comes to life as you climb through the rev range. The power delivery is great in these, despite not being the more powerful twin-turbo model. The GE cars are no slouch making great midrange torque and still returning decent fuel economy. The real fun comes from the 5-speed manual sending power to the rear wheels. The W58 is an exceptional transmission that's just as smooth as the 2J is and can handle a fair bit of power without having to upgrade it. Mechanically the car was in great shape and didn't need too much in the shop. Aside from those new tires we replaced the rear upper control arms along with the rear main seal. While it's typically not the first car that comes to mind when you consider a new daily however with the way this thing drives you'll find yourself wanting to hop in this to make the morning commute over your "normal" car. It's already hard to find a 25 year old car that has been maintained as well as this one, let alone on a platform like this. This MKIV truly is a Japanese Classic that will never go out of style.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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