1994 Toyota JZX90

Sold: $18,495

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Stock Number: 4439

Without a doubt one of the most practical, performance sedans, on the market today the JZX90 checks all the right boxes. The Mark II's practical dimensions allow for four full-size adults to fit comfortably, with a trunk to match, all while secretly producing more power than most sports cars of the era; and quite a few on the market today. In stock trim they're great, but once you start tapping into the vast aftermarket you start to see their real potential. Those in the know are already fully aware of how potent these can be; they're highly regarded in the drift community due to their extremely balanced design. Our latest offering taps into the drift look in a clean, streamlined way. This '94 originally left Toyota's factory in Opal White Pearl (046) but has since undergone a full color swap to a particularly unique Cashmere Silver. We would presume it underwent the color change when the full Vertex style kit was added since the color is uniform throughout. The aero takes the stock bodyline and gives a more exaggerated body line that flows great with the stock styling. The kit itself is in good conditioning considering its FRP. There are some small chips and cracks along the edges, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a more purpose-built car. The body itself is in great shape with only a few minor door dings and scratches with the paint reflecting equally well. The kouki grille looks great between the custom black housing projector headlights. The kouki bumper was trimmed in order to fit the massive front mount intercooler and looks particularly menacing when you see it come up in your rearview mirror. Cusco coilovers dial in the ride height over the killer 17" Origin Labo DRFS7 wheels.

The interior is rather spacious making it one of the few performance cars you can enjoy spending time on a road trip in. Overall this one has been kept in average condition with it's 99K verified miles, but there are some missing pieces and cracked trim. For example, the passenger A-pillar is missing along with the flip-down visors. The driver's seat has been replaced with a far more bolstered reclinable seat that does show some age from use over the years. Per usual there's some bolster wear from getting in and out. The passenger seat also has some staining on the seat base but as comfortable as it is you won't find yourself paying attention to the little things like that. Despite being a four-door the back seats don't look like they've had much seat time over the years. The stock wheel was ditched in favor of a far sportier Personal wheel which matches the driver's seat quite well; its all about the subtle touches after all. The dash has no sun damage, cracks, or other types of damage which is a relatively common issue. Unfortunately, another common issue is for the trim to give out along the top vents in the center console, probably from removal and reinstall of the trans and head unit. Most will note the "PRNDL" in the gauge cluster this one, like most, started off life as an auto. At some point, the bulletproof R154 was swapped in which is what the factory used as well. Since these were designed originally to be luxury tourers it does have several nice amenities. Power windows and locks work as they should, and occupants benefit from A/C and automatic climate control. Rare OEM rain guards even allow some additional ventilation with the windows down, if you'd rather listen to the 1J sing.

Under the hood is what really makes this car special. In a sea of econoboxes, a sedan powered by the brutish 1JZ-GTE from the factory is remarkable. Powering the rear wheels, the 2.5L straight-six has seemingly endless power. The twin-turbo 2.5L fires up quickly, care of a freshly installed 12V battery, and happily idles along. The power delivery is what sets this car apart from the Camry you're thinking of from back in the day. Once you get underway and the turbos spool the JZX90 pulls like a freight train. To match the looks there have been several mechanical upgrades to go along with it. The giant front mount you can't miss, but tucked behind that is a Greddy aluminum radiator. An APEX'i intake also helps to feed the twins and lets all the good noises shine through when you lift. Of course, it needs to sound the part as well so a high flow Fujitsubo really lets the 1J sing, and boy does it. If you've never heard a 1J at full tilt then you're missing out. The transmission shifts smooth, and happily rows through the gears and really makes this car a blast to drive. We did have to change out the clutch disk and did the rear main seal as well so some of the bigger maintenance has already been addressed for you. We've also replaced the front right bellow boot, two tires, and performed a routine oil change. With the upgraded suspension the steering is on point with great weight to it. While the perfect car may not exist, the Mark II is doing its best to be. Great power, killer handling, and room for four? It seems to check all the right boxes for a properly sporty daily driver.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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