1994 Toyota Celica GT Four WRC

Available for: $14,995

Stock Number: 4525

As the raw, Group B WRC cars of the '80s became too extreme, manufactures started to shift their focus towards the Group A homologated series. Lucky for us in order to compete you had to produce 2,500 roadgoing versions; thus we were given a plethora of true AWD proper sports cars. Toyota's final entry came by way of the ST205. While there were other Celica's after, none could compare to this one. Fitted with a monster 3S-GTE rated at 252hp these cars are still quick by today's standards. Our latest '94 is one of the few proper WRC Homologation Edition Celicas floating around here stateside which makes it a true Japanese Classic. Finished in the sleek and timeless Toyota Black (202) it's really a hard look to beat. Being a proper WRC is has several small details that differ from the regularly GT4 that many may overlook. The obvious one is the trademark wing risers, but it also sports the small hood wing as well for downforce along with all of your typical ducting and vents. It is sporting a set of optional 17" 6 spoke wheels which gives a nice OEM+ look over the typical 3 spoke wheels we see on these. The paint itself shows great with only a few typical stone chips and clear coat scratches. Black is always the worst for showing small imperfections like that after all. The curvaceous body is in equally clean shape barring a few standard door dings that any car would collect in a 26 year period.

The cockpit of the Celica is vaguely reminiscent of the MKIV Supra and is simple and straightforward. They are joking referred to as the baby Supra after all. The gauges are easy to read, and all the important controls are at hand. The driving position is more centered compared to the four-door Imprezas and Evo's and for that reason feels more sporty. The overall refinement and materials used are also a step above its other rally counterparts. The dash is in good shape, with remarkably few flaws as these are prone to sun damage along the bottom near the windshield. The two-tone seats scream '90s and we wouldn't want it any other way. They offer ample bolstering while remaining comfortable enough for people of all sizes. Both of the front seats look great and have been spared from the typical bolster wear you expect to find in 25 year old vehicles. While the back seats actually are pretty comfortable few people really want to climb back there, in return they've been kept in fantastic condition. Unlike a lot of hatches from the era, the back seats do fold down in these to nearly double your cargo room for road trips or just your weekend Costco run. The typical high wear pieces like the steering wheel and matching TRD shift knob look great and are far less bulky than most stock ones are. The plastics and door panels reflect nicely, as does the carpeting and headliner. Aside from the aftermarket headunit the interior is all stock which is a nice change of pace. Like most Toyota's of the time, this one does have the automatic climate control which is blowing nicely. One-touch drivers window, power locks, and power mirrors round out the list of factory convenience items and all function as they should.

Of course, we all know the drivetrain is really what separates the GT4 from the Celicas we had here stateside. Mechanically, the ST205 is one of the more robust platforms and only has 131K verified miles. Toyota's tried and true 3S-GTE, revised into its third iteration, sits low in the engine bay. A trick OEM water to air intercooler is front and center to help keep down the temps with its added power. The hearty four-banger cranks over with ease and settles into a nice idle thanks to a new battery. The turbo flutter is accentuated by a Blitz catback exhaust which was a much-needed upgrade. While they sound fine in stock form, the opened up exhaust really lets the 3S sing. Acceleration is more than brisk, and the five-speed manual transmission happily shifts through the gears. The gearbox is well-spaced and easy to run through quickly without fear of hitting the wrong gear. The clutch is rather forgiving and has no problem sending the power to all four wheels. The Super Strut Suspension was unique to this Bodystyle and is more than capable of handling whatever you can throw at it. Yet on the flip side isn't so stiff that it'll beat you up every time you get in it. Braking and steering feel is reassuring, as one would expect. All new tires help with grip and of per usual we've done a routine oil change as well. Our techs also went ahead and put in a new set of plugs, replaced the cap and rotor, along with a fresh fuel pump. For the collector and boyhood racer we all wish to be, the WRC Edition Celica checks all the right boxes.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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