1994 Nissan Safari Y60

Sold: $15,995

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Stock Number: 4486

The Nissan Safari (or Patrol) has been a staple in the Nissan lineup for 69 years now with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Our latest offering is the 4th generation of the Patrol which means it came with some serious upgrades over its predecessors. These were radically different mechanically as it was the first Patrol with coil-sprung suspension which increased ride comfort and rough ground handling. This brooding full-sized SUV is prepared to handle whatever the road has in store for it. Finished in a classics two-tone utilizing two of Nissan's best colors Super Black (KH3) and Charcoal Pearl Metallic (KH2) really play up the big, boxy, styling. The paint has been rather well cared for over the years showing only minor wear. Black cars always have a tendency to show clear coat scratches more than the lighter colors do, but barring some light scratches and stone chips there's little to complain about. Despite its size, the body has also been kept up with rather well with only a few typical door dings any 26-year-old vehicle will collect. Its bright chrome accent pieces like the mirror covers, bumpers, and handy running boards offer a nice pop off of the dark body. The 5 new 32" Falkens help give some extra ground clearance and allow for just about anything to be considered a road.

While relatively rudimentary inside Nissan didn't leave you out in the cold. Similar to Toyota's 70 series Land Cruisers these came with all of the modern accessories to make day to day life more enjoyable. After all, most of us will be using these for trips to Costco, not crossing the Saharah. The interior has been kept pretty much all stock with the exception of the Nardi three-spoke wheel. Both front seats are well-bolstered and make for a cushy ride regardless of the terrain. The rear seats are just as large, while the 3rd row was removed at some point for the added storage space. Nobody ever really wants to cram into the 3rd row, to begin with. Both front and rear seats are in great shape and have been spared from the typical bolster wear from climbing in and out. The lower plastic trim, however, has been caught several times getting in and out which has caused it to come loose a bit. Nothing structurally concerning but we wanted to make note of it. The giant power windows came fitted with the optional rain guards for when you want some added ventilation regardless of what the weather is like. For those days when its simply too hot for windows the Patrol comes with climate control for both the front and rear occupants separately so, nobody has to complain about the cabin temps. The rear split barn doors make for easy loading and unloading of cargo without the worry of smacking your head in the process. The only thing to note on the accessory front is the aftermarket radio they installed is not powered so we couldn't check the speaker condition. Most will want to swap out the head unit regardless since the JDM radios don't have much functionality here stateside.

Mechanically these Nissan's we built to be real workhorses in any climate. Power comes from the largest motor available which is the 4.2L TD42 turbo diesel. The big bruty straight-six offers up plenty of torque to get you out of any tough spots you may find yourself in. While these don't make crazy horsepower numbers it has more than enough power to comfortably get you up to highway speeds. With only 93K verified miles this diesel is only just getting broken in. Thanks to its massive twin batteries the 6 cylinder clatters to life with a quick twist of the key. Being a diesel it does come with an "idle up" control for those cold days of winter. The automatic does a fine job of supplying power to all four wheels with its selectable 4WD system. The automatic engages without any drama but is a bit lackadaisical with the shifts. At the end of the day, it's not like these weren't built to be race cars. The new and improved suspension system does a great job over your typical terrible roads that seems to plague the entire country. The new oversized Falkens to have some extra road-noise, but anyone with off-road rubber knows it simply comes with the territory. With its vast global popularity, it helps out when it comes to parts availability which is a worry many have when getting into the imported car world. For those of us looking for something a bit more out of the box than your typical Land Cruiser, the Safari has your back. You don't have to sacrifice comfort in the name of practicality or its off-road prowess. Now you can turn any trip into your own proper urban Safari!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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