1994 Infiniti Q45 VIP Show Car

Sold: $21,995

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This 1994 Infiniti Q45 has been employee-owned at Japanese Classics for the last 9 years. It has won numerous awards at shows including most recently Best VIP STYLE at Canibeat last year. It has also been featured in Super Street magazine in the June 2012 feature. Starting with the exterior, the color is a factory Audi Ipanema Brown (LY8Y) and the aero is produced by Aimgain. It includes the Aimgain Euroline front bumper, which has one-off Mercedes fog lights installed with projectors. Also, the sedan boasts Aimgain Euroline side skirts, and a completely one-off Aimgain Euroline rear bumper to accommodate quad Aimgain stainless steel exhaust tips. Additionally, the flares on the car were custom-built and both front and rear fenders have been radiused over 2". To make the car completely driveable at the static ride height rear tubs were installed and the car does not rub at highway speeds what so ever. These tubs are high enough that the gas tank filler neck also had to be modified to clear the newly installed metal. The front tubs were painstakingly installed using a front clip of a donor Q45. The factory shock tower and tubs were cut out of the donor clip and welded in front of the OEM shock towers to create a very large OEM looking shock tower and tub that allows the car to turn lock without any implications. The inner fenders up front have also been extensively modified to prevent any chance of rubbing which allows the Q to be driven normally both around town and at highway speeds. A one-off grille sets the front of the hood apart from the crowd and includes a stainless steel mesh insert. Japanese glass housing headlights replace the plastic American spec units and have also been extensively modified. The factory diffusers have been removed inside the housings and projects have been installed in their place. The corner lights are also JDM spec and have has the diffusers removed as well giving them a crisp, clean, updated look. Custom fender lights have been fashioned and are removable/replaceable if you wanted to change up the look. They have switchback LEDs installed that also function as turn signals. The OEM side mirrors have also been modified with a set of Mercedes turn signals installed within the OEM housings that light up orange, however, is currently only wired up as running lights. A Nissan President trunk was added to the rear of the car to declutter the back end while keeping an OEM look. To further integrate the look, a set of LED Nissan President tail lights were also added that have the ability to chase, however, currently are not connected for the chase mode. When the car was painted, all of the glass was removed along with the doors, trunk, fenders, and hood. All of the jambs have been properly painted including the shaved engine bay. New OEM trim was used when available during the reinstallation of the glass. A rare set of new door handles were also sourced which have been long discontinued. This car was painstakingly reassembled taking care to refresh or restore any part being bolted back on the car and using new parts if and when available.

Inside the cabin, you'll find a simple, updated, interior. The seats, door panels, and center console were all sent to Alea Leather for a full refresh; leaving all of these panels are in excellent condition. There are a few missing items inside the cabin that the owner has not found suitable replacements for yet; including the ashtrays in the rear door panels which are extremely fragile and usually broken if you do find a set for sale. Overall though the interior is complete and in stellar condition. A wood grain and leather Nardi steering wheel adds a touch more class to the interior and a simple Greddy boost gauge is mounted elegantly below the gauge cluster. An SAFC replaces the factory front ashtray. Lastly, a Pioneer head unit further updates the interior along with a simple speaker upgrade. The trunk does not currently have any interior panels in it, simply the relocated battery.

Suspension upgrades are vast and every arm on the cars is either one-off or aftermarket. SPL titanium arms were used outback along with a fully adjustable LCA. Freed Engineering built one-off adjustable front upper arms as nothing on the market provided enough adjustability. The third arm has been shortened approximately 3" from stock to prevent it from hitting the shock tower on compression. Adjustable LCA's and SPL titanium traction arms finish off the front suspension. Fortune Auto coilovers are utilized at all four corners on this fully functional and driveable static VIP car.

This Q45 has ditched the original V8 in favor of a 2JZ-GTE paired with an Aristo automatic transmission. The engine is internally stock but has a few bolt-on upgrades including a single Precision 6266-SP turbo with less than 3K miles on it. This car is very reliable and starts every time without an issue. It has also made numerous long-distance trips without any mechanical issues the latest was from Virginia to New Jersey for Canibeat 2019. Freed Engineering built the engine mounts, trans mount, wiring harness, radiator, and catch can. This Q45 is running a stock Aristo ECU. The driveshaft is a custom one piece. The intercooler is a Greddy core utilizing one-off piping. OCD works billet valve covers and coil covers sit on top of the engine and a carbon timing belt cover finishes off the look. The A/C functions properly and blows cold along with the heat and power steering is also functional and operational.

There are likely a million small details not covered in this article, but those are the main highlights. While this car is not perfect, it most certainly will win awards at shows. There are still a few odds and ends that need finishing up if you wanted to make it a daily driver. For example, the wipers are not currently installed and the rear turn signals need to be wired up along with reverse lights. Overall this is an exceptionally well put together car using all high-quality parts that would easily cost 40K to replicate to this level. Don't miss this truly one of a kind VIP car!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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