1992 Toyota Soarer JZZ30

Stock Number: 4602

This '92 Toyota Soarer is the ultimate blend of luxury and performance. In '91 the JZZ30 debuted in Japan as one of the most extravagant Grand Tourers of its time. With it's sleek and sophisticated styling it has proven to be an iconic design for years to come. While they're perfectly fine in stock trim, however, you'll be hard-pressed to find a car enthusiast that keeps anything stock. Right out of the gate you'll immediately notice the full color swap. Originally it left the factory in Emerald Green (6M2) but has since been fully swapped over to a fantastic Portimao Blue. While the jambs were left the original color they luckily blend in rather well, and even more convenient that the darker colors like this come with a black engine bay from the factory. It seems rather safe to assume that the color change was done when the Vertex aero was added as all the panels blend nicely. The bumper and side skirts are the classic Vertex style along with the matching vented hood to cut down on engine bay temps. The more aggressive front end fits the look of these long sleek tourers, especially with its massive Greddy front mount intercooler. The fitment of the FRP aero is pretty good, however, nothing is ever quite as well as the original factory pieces. Overall the bodywork is in good shape barring your typical door ding or two. Lowered on a blacked-out set of 18" Circuit Spec Tune Zero-1's really polish off this Soarer's aggressive looks.

The interior has seen its fair share of additions as well over the years. Originally generic gray interior has been converted to a black and gray two-tone that looks particularly stong off of the custom blue paint job. Since these were originally designed as proper GT cars the seats are exceptionally comfy. The light gray fabric has been kept up with well with no real signs of wear like seam separations or staining. Naturally, the rear seats are in even better shape since we can't imagine they've ever gotten much use aside from extra storage. The carpets and headliner are in good condition and everything fits together nicely. The driver's side door panel is in fair condition, but as you can note in the pictures the fitment isn't perfect by any stretch. Since the door closes rather tightly it causes the panel to pull a bit when opening the door and has scratched it in a few places. The door handle cracked on us while detailing it so we're tracking down a replacement in the meantime. On the passenger side, several gauges were added, however, they are not currently hooked up. The Tanida deep dish wheel feels great and keeps your hand placement in check for the shifter. The R154 was swapped in on this one was originally an auto from the factory. The nice part is that the R154 was a factory option so its an easy OEM swap and has a really nice short-throw shifter on it. The R154 is notorious for having a rather long-throw out of the gate so the short throw is a really nice touch. Currently, the A/C is inop and the cluster does have its fair share of pixelation. It's a rather common issue with Toyotas where the LCD starts to die out. The same thing goes for the Tachometer which is another common issue with these clusters. Then again, thanks to the HKS Silent Power catback exhaust you'll have no issue with shifting by sound. The OEM radio was pulled and an aftermarket 1.5 din was simply thrown in its place to prevent the dash from having a large hole in it. Most people look to replace the radios on all of our imports since they don't offer much US compatibility, plus the 1JZ sounds too good not to enjoy unencumbered. The interior on this one is in good condition but certainly could use some touching up. You do still have all of the power factory accessories like power seats, windows, mirrors, and locks so you still have all your basic functionality.

The main difference from the Lexus sold stateside is that potent drivetrain combination. The twin-turbo 2.5L offers plenty of punch and the fact you could get a 5 speed paired up with that from the factory is pretty wild. Even in mostly stock trim, this Soarer packs plenty of punch. With only 79K verified miles the 1J fires right up with ease. Boost comes on quickly thanks to Toyota's twin-turbo design and pulls strong all the way to redline. As already eluded to there are a few nice upgrades to help the 1J breathe easier. That Greddy front mount is impossible to miss, while the open intake lets the turbos really sing. If you haven't heard a 1JZ at full chat through a proper exhaust then you're in for a real surprise. For such a big GT car you'd never expect for it so sound this good. The Tein coilovers not only get the ride height down to a more acceptable level but also helps to cut down on body roll. Being coilovers it is a bit more still than stock but nothing too aggressive. Shifts through the robust factory R154 manual are trouble-free and the clutch shows no signs of slipping sending all that power rearward with ease. The upgraded Figgs diff bushings also help to eliminate extra slop in the drivetrain. A fresh set of rubber also helps when it comes to actually putting all that power down from the twin-turbo six. Toyota's are notorious for having ECU issues due to leaking capacitors so we've had this one sent out and professionally rebuilt to ensure that the new owner should be trouble-free. One test drive is all it takes to show you why the 1JZ powered cars blew away the SC's that we got stateside. Combining a level of comfort, looks, and performance rarely seen makes this an ideal weekend bruiser.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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