1992 Nissan Skyline R32 Type-M Coupe

Sold: $21,995

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Stock Number: 4616

Our most popular offering, the R32 coupe, is becoming a rare commodity these days. With its legendary styling, durable drive train, and rewarding drive, there's no question as to why these are such true Japanese classics. The R32 has, and will always be a favorite among enthusiasts. Our latest '92 GTS-t Type-M is a spectacular example of just why these cars have remained so popular to this day. Largely all stock, this Type-M is sporting all of the factory aero to set apart from the more base models. The front bumper, side skirts, rear spats, and trademark wing add to its already sporty lines. While pretty much all OEM, it does have one very noticeable change. Originally leaving the factory in the very subtle Spark Silver Metallic (KL0) it has since been fully swapped to the eye-popping Red Pearl Metallic (AH3.) The color swap was well done, as all of the jambs were color-matched with the engine bay being the only spot still in the original color. The respray was rather well done, however, like all resprays it does have some fish eyes and small imperfections in the paint. Ideal for someone looking to actually enjoy their car and not be worried every time you leave it in a parking lot. While it could be said about most of our vehicles, a good paint correction would make a world of difference. The bodywork itself is in great shape with only a door ding or two, as you would expect to find on any 28-year-old vehicle. While aesthetically very similar to the stock 32 wheels, this one is rolling on the larger R32 GTR wheels to help get a little extra meat under the car. Not to mention the trademark graphite coloring really pops off the red.

The interior is quite nice and in above average condition for an R32. The dash, for instance, has a very minimal bubble that plagues most all of these and is free of cracks from sun damage over the years. While mostly original it does have a few small tweaks. The most obvious one is the far more supportive Bride adjustable driver's seat. Unlike most of the more aggressive seats, we see this one doesn't have your typical bolster wear from getting in and out. The new seat definitely sits lower as well giving you that proper sports car feel. The passenger seat is in awesome shape as well, and per usual, the rear seats look hardly used. While it still sports the original steering wheel the shift knob has been swapped out for a Nismo style one which feels far better in the hand. The radio has also been swapped out, however, you'll still probably want to replace it with something newer and more US friendly. While the carpeting and headliner are in good shape the only real spot to note is the driver's side door panel. It's not uncommon for the glue that holds the center fabric insert to begin to delaminate over time from heat. An upholstery could get it back in place with minimal effort or you could go through and have them rewrapped in something a bit more exciting like Alcantara. Power folding and adjustable mirrors, power locks, and power windows all operate as they should. The digital climate control is a nice touch and well ahead of its time by most US standards for the time.

The engine bay is happily filled with the iconic RB20DET. The engine bay has been left largely untouched which inspires confidence that it's lived an easier life than it's raced out counterparts. With only 103K verified miles it's really only just getting broken in. While pretty much all stock it does sport an upgraded Fujitsubo catback exhaust. If you've ever been around an all-stock RB20 the sound leaves a bit to be desired. The new catback gives the 2 liter its trademark growl on startup that only gets better the further you get into the rev range. Just enough rumble on startup for someone to take notice, yet tame enough to not drive your neighbors up a wall, or yourself cruising down the highway. The startup is quick and it settles into a nice idle thanks to the fact the I6 architecture is silky smooth. The power band is very linear with the six-cylinder and pulls hard up to redline, even in stock form. The manual rows through all the gears without a hesitation or a hitch and the clutch is surprisingly light. The stock suspension is great at pulling double duty as it provides plenty of ground clearance. You can take a road trip without beating yourself to death, while still being able to throw it into a turn with stability and confidence. The brakes do a quality job of slowing the well-balanced R32 down to manageable speeds, and the steering is equally communicative. As with all of our vehicles it's gone through our shop to ensure that its turnkey for its new life here stateside. A fresh oil change, new rubber all around, and a new air filter has this one ready to rock. Whether looking for your next project build or a daily driver you really can't go wrong with the R32. Between its iconic styling, power potential, and overall exceptional drive, this car really can do it all!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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