1994 Honda Accord SiR Coupe

Sold: $13,995

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Stock Number: 5014

Oh, the irony of importing a car from Japan that was built in Ohio yet, here we are. This '94 Accord Coupe has churned nearly as many miles on a boat as it has on actual roadways. Coming in with a mere 48K verified miles over the past 27 years. While we've had several Accord wagons this is the first coupe we've gotten and it's a sharp one. Finished in the understated Sherwood Green Pearl (G-78P) the car really does pop out in the sunlight. The paint is in overall great shape though we would never call it showroom new. There are naturally some stone chips and clear coat blemishes but nothing out of the ordinary to note. The same thing can be said about the body itself. Since the factory aero kit is already right aggressive out of the gate there's no reason to mess with a good thing. It even sports the hard-to-find factory fogs neatly tucked in the front bumper. Hands down one of the coolest bits is the light-up "Accord" script in the back window that runs off your running lights. The only change-up comes by way of the 17" Kosei Sniper wheels which are the finishing touch. We've balanced the tires but still notice a slight vibration still so we think there may be a slight bend in one of the wheels. It's definitely minor but we wanted to make note of it.

The interior condition is impressive to say the least. The quality materials have held up impressively over the years, and we can tell this car was cared for back in Japan. Unlike many cars of this era, the Accord has standard dual front SRS airbags and cruise control. Even some of the small things that we take for granted these days like cupholders and a sunroof were all here. We do want to make note though that the power sunroof does have a crack across the glass. We did a water test to make sure it didn't leak, and it still functions as it should, but we did want to disclose. We're working to source a replacement glass since everything works mechanically. Aside from those more exciting options, you do still have all of the standard options of the time like power windows, locks, and mirrors. The Accord even has a digital automatic climate control positioned front and center which is a nice touch. The system is simple to use and works as it should, though this is a Honda so it comes as no surprise. The soft gray seats are in fantastic shape which really makes or breaks the interior. Neither the front nor back seats have any real blemishes to note. The bolsters have held up great, no seam separation, or even any real sun fading. The dash and door panels follow the same trend making this a fantastic cabin for your morning commute.

While the Accord wagons we've had in the past are designed for practicality and efficiency the SiR on the other hand was aimed squarely at the performance side. Instead of the F22B we find the much more potent H22A rated at 190hp from the factory which is no slouch in a car this light. DOHC and VTEC are what make this 2.2L so much more impressive than its counterpart. Since everything has been left untouched under the hood you have far fewer concerns about the life it lived back home in Japan. The H22 fires right up with a quick twist of the key and is surprisingly quiet in stock trim. This particular one came equipped with the Grade-Logic 4 speed auto which is right good for being a '90s automatic. While it doesn't rip of shifts at PDK speed it's a pretty solid setup. The autos are ideal for those of us looking for a fun car to daily drive and not have to worry about getting stuck in those inevitable traffic jams. The power delivery is linear up until you hit VTEC which is where things get fun. This guy races up to its 7.5K redline in a hurry. Assuming you can keep your foot out of it you know you're going to return some solid fuel mileage as that is one of the main calling cards for Honda Motors. A fresh air filter also helps out a bit in that department. The suspension rides well and can still handle a turn when you want to get out and have a little fun. Four new tires help make sure you've got plenty of grip in the wet and dry. Easily maneuverable around town these are great in tight city driving situations and being in a RHD makes street parking a breeze. With miles this low and ease of part access the SiR really is an ideal daily driver for those of us that prefer to stand out in a crowd. Up to date on maintenance packed with all the bells and whistles, this Accord is a sure-fire Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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