1993 Toyota Soarer GT-T

Sold: $17,995

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The Toyota Soarer is one delicious GT car. Powered by a potent twin turbo straight six and all the luxury cabin amenities you could ask for, this car is truly well-rounded. Set off by a set of subtle OEM rainguards and 17" Work wheels, the Dark Blue Mica (8J5) paint is in good overall nick aside from some light dings, chips, and scuffs associated with normal use. Offered with an astoundingly low 47k verified and documented miles, this lightly modified Z30 drives even better than it looks! Reliable, fast, and collectible, it's easy to see why the market for these lovable Soarers is only going to appreciate further. For the JDM enthusiast who needs a comfortable and quick four-seater that would be a fantastic daily driver or weekend cruiser, this 1993 is your turn-key Japanese Classic!

The cabin features plenty of options, electric equipment, and premium materials. When you enter the cockpit and close the door, it shuts with a reassuring thud, as if the whole vehicle was hewn from one piece of metal. This might not seem like a big deal but it's reminiscent of a new German luxury car, rather than many lightweight economy boxes popular on the islands of Japan. The dash lacks any cracking or distortion and is low-lying to promote visibility. The backlit digital gauges are easy to read and even more attractive at night. To supplement the factory readouts there is an Omori EGT gauge and Greddy boost gauge that were installed at some point in Japan. The OEM audio and digital climate control work like a charm, making daily use more enjoyable. If you don't want the cold A/C to blast, the power windows drop down seamlessly to provide better ventilation. All the switchgear is close by and the ergonomics are quite good. To find the ideal driving position the pilot can adjust the tilting and telescoping steering wheel, and the electric side mirrors as they see fit. Even power lumbar support can be found on the driver's seat! The mirrors also power fold with a button press and compliment the power locks if you live in the city. If you hop on the interstate for a commute, the OEM cruise control can be engaged at a moment's notice. The seats are trimmed in a soft light grey cloth. They are in above-average shape and lack any major rips, stains, or tears. Unlike most of these things, the door panels aren't cracked, and the headliner and carpets have withstood the past ~30 years without sustaining major abuse. Overall it's really hard to complain about the cabin, and the interior is perhaps the nicest we have seen in recent memory. Even the Japanese owners' manuals and maintenance booklets are sitting in the glove box with the spare key!

If you thought the interior was killer, it only gets better with the driveline. The powertrain is one of the best Toyota ever designed, and this Soarer is powered by the legendary 1JZ-GTE. The 2.5L straight six is fresh off an oil and filter service and starts up with a twist of the key. The engine's soundtrack is beautiful and enhanced by a stainless HKS Silent Hi-Power catback exhaust. One of our trained techs has installed a new 12v battery and engine air filter to ensure the 2.5L runs like a top, and a new accessory belt was installed too. The 1J is mated to a slick-shifting automatic gearbox that operates just as it should. At wide open throttle, the exhaust barks and rubles for a second like you hear from a modern dual-clutch sports cars. Power is fed to the rear wheels, and this Toyota gets down and moves when you need it to. Acceleration on the highway is otherworldly, we should note! While it was up on our lift we repaired a leaking rear differential and replaced the rear struts for a better ride quality. There are very few squeaks or rattles inside the vehicle and it feels stable and predictable at speed. The brakes feel confident, and the power steering is light and on point. The wheels were wrapped in new Falken rubber at all four corners. The new tires quiet down the ride even more, and more importantly, will last for tens of thousands of miles to come.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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