1993 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ Limited

Sold: $20,995

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Stock Number: 4402

Toyota 80 series Land Cruisers are among some of the most reliable vehicles any auto manufacturer has ever produced. This exceptionally well maintained 4.2L 1HD-T turbo diesel example is no exception. The VX Limited trim is well-appointed and factory options are plentiful. Our latest 1993 is a bit more unique than the average one we see come through. Finished in a custom Desert Sand Beige makes it a real head-turner. This color has become much more popular with manufacturers, and rightfully so. Originally it left the factory in the trademark Dark Bluish Gray Metallic (183) which is a good color but doesn't have quite the same impact. Overall the color swap was well done with only the engine bay showing the original color, however, the paint itself has seen some wear. For instance, there are some scratches down the driver's side (especially on the flairs) and some chips in the paint on the hood. With 125K verified miles, it is to be expected that you're going to have routine blemishes like that. In general, the body has been kept up pretty well avoiding any major dents or dings. This truck is one that you can actually hop in and enjoy without the constant worry of a door ding in a parking lot of a tree branch rubbing along a quarter like most of our cars. With its 3" lift the 16" Dick Cepek DC Torque wheels wrapped in new 35" x 12.5" Falken Rubitreks give it a wicked look. While generally stock we do have a few small upgrades like the LED tail lights and all throughout the interior.

The interior is the perfect blend of rugged and refined. The seats look and feel luxurious thanks to a set of custom leather seat covers. The black covers look right at home against the beige bodywork and blacked-out rear windows. The seats feel great, however, due to the nature of these covers, we have not removed them to check the factory fabric. There is another custom little touch as the door panels have been wrapped in a newer, more unique, black and silver patterned cloth. The carpet is plush, but also easy to clean if dirt finds its way into the cabin from the trail or just the grocery store parking lot. There are a few small stains around the cabin but nothing egregious or out of the ordinary. The expansive dash is free of any sun damage someone previously removed the trim above the steering column and cracked it in several places. The all-stock interior really does showcase that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for capability. Coming packed with a ton of creature comforts from power windows and locks to the automatic climate control. It even has some trick pieces like the refrigerated "cool box" center console. Naturally, like all Toyotas, everything is still functioning as expected.

Underneath the massive hood is Toyota's tried and true 1HD-T 4.2 straight-six. These torquey beasts are known for being bulletproof and have surprisingly little vibration. Engine startup is robust, and the 4.2L mill clatters to life compliments of two new batteries. From the bottom of the powerband, a noticeable difference in acceleration can be felt from its gasoline-powered counterpart. The automatic transmission shifts well, albeit with little urgency. The lumbering giant has no issues getting up to highway speeds. With the nature of the oversized rubber, there is a bit of road noise that comes with it, but anyone familiar with these setups is typically used to that. In order to help with ground clearance, the lower portion of the stock mud flaps were trimmed but also gives the truck a better look from the rear. What really makes this Cruiser such an off-road monster is the fact it's equipped with the highly desirable factory triple locker setup. Sporting the most aggressive off-road driveline, this truck is capable of taking you further off the beaten path than most anything on four wheels. On-road, the suspension and steering systems feel like any other truck-based SUV, and the platform has no issues with terrible potholes and crappy road surfaces that plague most cities. To help out a smidge on the fuel economy side an open-intake was fitted along with a rare Ganador exhaust system. Whether making a trip to Costco or looking to cross the Mojave this Cruiser will get you there.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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