1993 Subaru GC8 Impreza

Sold: $16,495

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We just got in this awesome one of a kind GC8 Impreza. At it's core we're dealing with a 1993 with 130K miles. Originally finished in Blade Silver (262) it has since been fully swapped to a deep navy blue. Overall the color change was very well done, all of the door jambs, under the hood, etc. match as they should. They did not remove the drive train in order to paint it so there is a crisp paint line around the engine bay. A lot of factory aero has been added from a V6 STi including an oem 3 piece front lip, side skirts, rear spats, grill, aluminum hood, and the trademark wing. It all ties together well giving it the aggressive look that's synonymous with the WRX. Since blue on gold is iconic in the Subaru WRC hall of fame a set of 17" Speedline Prodrive ST2 were fitted. If they were good enough for Colin McRae then they should be able to handle any street around here. To help get the stance just right a set of Tein coilovers were installed.

The interior has been kept largely original with a few nice finishing touches. Most notably the front seats have been swapped out for a fantastic set of later model STi buckets to match the exterior styling. The seats are in great shape and are definitely more supportive. The original back seat has been very well maintained. The entire interior is in great shape free of any notable stains or tears. The steering wheel has been replaced by an ever classic Nardi 3 spoke. The shifter was upgraded to a larger billet Razo knob. Atop the steering column is a Blitz boost gauge and below is an Ultra turbo timer. The rest of the interior is factory with all of the standard power accessories. The mirrors, windows, and climate control are all functioning as they should.

Power comes from the 2 liter, closed deck, EJ20G which starts right up. The idle on this one is particularly nice as is has a a set of heat wrapped headers and a full Fujitsubo exhaust from the cat back. It still has the signature boxer rumble and sounds even better under load. The turbo spools up quickly and really comes on hard to redline. To bring things back down a set of slotted rotors were installed on all four corners. I will say that the transmission is not for the faint of heart. Based on the way it feels and sounds it has been fortified with a set of straight cut gears. We have not torn it apart to figure out what set was used, however the gearing feels to be a bit shorter than what came from the factory. On this flip side it does make this thing a blast to drive. With the already light and nimble chassis couple with the gearing it is definitely quick. The previous owner has also replaced the timing belt about 5K miles ago. At the end of the day this is one seriously fun car to drive. The handling is spot on, the power is delivered smoothly, and the looks wrap it all together. This thing is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you turn the key.

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