1993 Nissan Z32 2+2 T-Top

Sold: $14,495

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Stock Number: 4844

When Nissan built the Z32 it accidentally happened to make the quintessential Grand Tourer of the '90s. A comfortable 2+2 fitted with gobs of power that still knew how to handle a curve, what more could you ask for? Nissan's Z cars have stood the test of time frankly, it's hard to believe that this is a 28-year-old vehicle now, especially with only 74K verified miles. The smooth, sculpted sheet metal, timeless proportions, and rewarding drive made for immediate success in the marketplace. Finished in one of the hardest to find and most desirable color options offered; Sapphire Blue Pearl (TK3) instantly makes this car a hit. The paint is in generally good condition, though there are some scratches in the clear and a few typical stone chips. The factory wing does have some paint cracking and a few small bubbles. Those familiar with the rubberized style wings Nissan was using at the time are used to dealing with this issue. The body itself though looks great with only a routine door ding or two. It even has the hard to find factory mud flaps outback which we don't come across very often. A set of 18" Work Meister ZZs wrapped in fresh rubber top off its already good looks and do a much better job of filling up the wheel wells. That's partly thanks to the Tein coilovers that the Z rides on which not only give you some height adjustability but also help to cut down on body roll.

The interior of the Z utilizes flowing lines and premium materials. The low slung dash, which is in good shape, and raked windshield make the cabin feel more akin to a fighter jet as you hunker in. The Z's 2+2 configuration means you could squeeze someone into the back, but realistically it'll probably only ever get used as additional storage. Having the bonus space does make everyday life a bit easier, even if it is simply to throw a couple of bags of groceries in. With the exception of the Auto Gauge boost gauge tucked into the center console, the interior has been left alone. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? Being purpose-built as a grand tourer, instead of a sports coupe, Nissan added some expensive standard equipment to make daily driving more enjoyable. This one was fitted with all the bells and whistles. Cruise control, digital automatic climate control, power locks, mirrors, windows, and even those infamous glass T-Tops. The leather-wrapped steering wheel shows very little wear and looks great which is impressive seeing as it's one of the first pieces to break down over time. The seats have also been kept in great shape and are free of any rips, tears, or major stains. Both driver and passenger get power-adjustable seats which are another of those rare options. They're all in great shape which can be a worry when you're talking about so much glass overhead. The original wheel has your cruise control buttons and is in just as good a shape, another typically high wear item.

Neatly tucked under the hood is the VG30DETT that the Fairlady is known for. These were extremely well built from the factory, and its iron block is capable of some serious horsepower numbers on the stock internals. The 3 liter V6 fires right up and sounds killer thanks to its true dual exhaust catback Kakimoto system. The exhaust has a deep tone at idle that seriously opens up when you put your foot in it. Power comes on smooth and pulls hard up to the 7K redline. Acceleration is excellent and there's no question about when those turbos spool. Since this car came equipped with an automatic transmission, there's never any delay since the turbos don't have to re-spool between shifts. These also featured one of the first generations of selectable automatics as you have a "hold" feature on the center console which allows you to pick and gear and keep it there so you can keep it in the powerband without it shifting. The transmission engages drama free and runs through the gears with ease, sending all that power to the rear wheels without any hesitation. As previously noted the factory suspension was ditched in favor of Tein coilovers which are very capable when the road gets twisty without beating you to death on your morning commute. New HICAS arms were also fitted to help tidy up the suspension. We've taken care of all the major maintenance items so you can rest assured for quite some time. One of the biggest maintenance items for the VG is the timing belt and water pump. Anyone who's had to do this previously knows how time-consuming of a job it is. While we were in there we replaced the thermostat as well for good measure. For those after a proper sports tourer, there's really no better option than the Fairlady Z. With its timeless good looks, ample power, and a ride to match, there's no wonder the Fairlady is an icon. The only thing this Z32 is missing is a new driveway to call home.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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