1993 Nissan Skyline R33 Type-M Sedan

Sold: $19,495

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Stock Number: 4719

We just got our hands on this awesome GTS25-T sedan, making for the best of both worlds. All the day to day practicality of a 4 door sedan, powered by Nissan's killer RB25DET, and all wrapped up with a proper 5-speed manual. Not only is it the best of both worlds, but it's also seen quite a few aftermarket goodies to make this one even more fun. While we'd all love a stable full of sports cars not all of us can afford to have a slew of wildly unpractical cars in their fleet, so a well-modified sedan is ideal to scratch the itch of both performance and practicality. The exterior has seen some simple upgrades thanks to the more aggressive aero. Bomex was turned to for the front bumper which is both unique while not being over the top like a lot of 90's body kits were. The side skirts compliment the Bomex front rather well and almost look as if they were a factory optioned piece. Finished in one of the best colors Nissan offered at the time, Gun Gray Metallic (KH2) seals the deal. The paint looks fantastic with no real notable blemishes. The same goes for the body itself with only your typical door ding or two than any 27-year-old vehicle would amass. The aftermarket aero all mates up rather well which can't always be said about nonfactory parts. Adjustable coilovers sporting upgraded Swift springs get the sedan set down to the level it should have been from the factory. A classic set of staggered BBS RS mesh wheels seals the deal. With an 18x8 front and 18x9 rear you really couldn't ask for a more iconic wheel choice.

The same story goes on with the interior. The R33's have a much-revamped gauge layout which makes for a nice updated feel to the cockpit. The interior has been kept generally stock and in great shape. There are a few noticeable upgrades, take the R34 front seats for example. They still have an OEM vibe but are a bit more of a standout and are quite comfortable for day to day use. The seats are in good shape, though there is a bit of wear along the driver's bolster. There aren't any tears or seam separations which would be a bigger issue, but it does show its age a bit. The matching passenger seat looks even better, and both have been spared from any haphazard stains. The door panel inserts and armrest have all been wrapped in a floral print which is a real departure from what Nissan had in mind. The panels offer a real pop of color to the otherwise monotone interior. Since they're merely wrapped you could always redo them down the road for a different look since everyone has their own taste when it comes to things like that. On the bright side, they were well wrapped, as we normally see things like that starting to peel at the edges. The deep-dish gold Nardi wheel matches the color scheme of the door panels rather well giving it a more intentional style. Tucked neatly against the trans tunnel on the passenger side is a mechanical Blitz boost gauge since the factory one is a bit of a joke. A relatively common issue is the center console trim getting a bit sticky over the years which this one has started to do. The bigger concern would be the dash itself, and this one is in great shape with no sun damage or cracking. While the radio has been upgraded chances are you'll want to swap it out for something a bit more US friendly. The digital climate control is working, however, the A/C itself is not. Being that these weren't full-on race cars you do get all of the proper power accessories of the time. Power windows, power mirrors, and power locks are all functioning as they should.

Under the hood sits Nissan's stellar RB25DET, mounted far back in the chassis for weight distribution. Making far more low-end power, this engine is nearly vibration-free like the RB20DET it replaces, yet has a good bit more potential right out of the gate. While the 89K miles the cluster reads were not verified all it takes is a quick turn of the key and the engine springs to life. Unlike all of today's hybrids where you have to check to see if it actually turned on, there's no doubt about when the RB fires up. Straight piped RBs sounds wicked, however not for the faint of heart. Your neighbors will most certainly notice when you fire it up in the morning. This one has a full turbo-back with simply a downturned muffler to cap it off, which is the way we prefer it. Off throttle, the turbo sings its own song through the HKS intake. That HKS hard pipe feeds into an upgraded HKS GT-RS with an internal HKS adjustable wastegate. In order to accommodate the larger turbo the ECU was tuned to compensate for the added boost. To ensure that fresh air is never an issue a massive HPI front mount intercooler was installed with a Tabata aluminum radiator tucked in behind that. They even added a matching HPI aluminum catch can to make sure nothing blows by into the intake system. The suspension has had some help as well with its strut tower brace and Cusco upper rear control arms. While the R33 was known for correcting many of the handling issues with the R32, adding in some better pieces never hurt. The 5-speed is a blast, and the clutch is surprisingly light. There appear to be no signs of slipping or hitches when hammering through the gears. The power pairs up nicely with the suspension work that was done, making these just as fun on the highway as they are a windy back road. They even went so far as to take care of the HICAS delete for the next owner, which is one of the first things people look to do on these. Like all of our cars, it's gone through a full mechanical service covering items like a new set of rubber, new battery, fresh air filter, 6 new plugs, as well as the typical oil change. The biggest service is the new timing belt and water pump which is always the number one concern with these. For those of us you after a turn-key car that you can hop in and absolutley rip then look no further. Not all of us have the time or space to build a car from the ground up, so why not jump into one with a strong base. Leave it as it is or a starting point for a more intense build, either way, it's hard not to smile every time you twist the key.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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