1995 Nissan S13 180SX Hatchback

Sold: $16,995

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Stock Number: 4724

The well known Nissan S13 hatchback is no question one of the most desired vehicles offered from Nissan's stable in the 90s. This 1995 180SX comes in featuring a stellar one-off Sunburst Orange paint job that is bound to turn heads. This lightweight chassis, powered by the infamous SR20DET turbo motor and 5-speed manual transmission, make for the perfect pairing. The S13 has been equipped with some tasteful upgrades like its 17" Advan Kreuzer Series V wheels wrapped in brand new Falken 225/45/17 tires. Tein coilovers get the 180 set down to the right sort of ride height and cut down on the dreaded wheel gap. Sporty aero mirrors and Altezza inspired taillights add a little extra spice to the recipe. Full Origin Labo aero is perfectly designed for enthusiasts that want a clean look to help carry out the sleek lines and angles to provide an elegant yet sporty look. It's obvious that the vehicle was resprayed when the aero was installed and flows very well without taking away from the factory lines. They went so far as to even color match all the door jambs which is a professional move when it comes to one-off color changes. Your typical $399 Maco paint job isn't going to go that far when it comes down to it. The aero helps match the overall flow and look of this particular Japanese Classic without making it look cluttered. While the mileage wasn't verified on this one prior to Japan, the 78K miles the cluster reads seems accurate based on the overall condition.

The interior on this S13 is a combination of both daily driver mixed in with a mild track-ready feel. It has a clean overall condition with no cracks on the dashboard, which makes it look mint for its age. Those already familiar with the S-Chassis know just how hard it is to find one crack free these days. The door cards are just like the dash, which is in great shape with no tears, cracks, and feature your functioning power windows and locks. The headliner is looking fantastic with no stains or sagging and in amazing shape. The driver's seat has been replaced with a brilliant red fixed-back bucket to prevent you from sloshing around when behind the wheel of this amazing machine. Normally with seats like this, you would expect to find some wear and tear from climbing in and out over the years but this one has been kept up with fantastically. Even despite the bright fabric, it has been kept stain free which is a nod to how well this one was preserved. The passenger seat has also been swapped out in favor of a more comfortable one out of an S14. Much like the bucket, this one is in great shape as well with no real blemishes to note. An upgraded Nardi steering wheel comes equipped on the car to give it a more performance driving experience at the hands of the driver. Whether this is your everyday vehicle, weekend track toy, or canyon carver it comes equipped with a 6 point Safety 21 bolt-in cage for an added layer of protection. Since this one is a bit more of a purpose build the interior was stripped from the seats back and the radio was removed. They did take a nice step by adding a layer of stick-on sound deadening pads all through the back half of the cabin to cut down on the overall NVH. While more purpose-designed they did at least keep most of the basic amenities to make this one a bit more comfortable at the end of the day. Due to the aftermarket mirrors, those are no longer powered but you do still have your power windows, locks, and automatic climate control.

Under the hood of this S13 comes equipped with some tasteful bolt-ons such as an aluminum radiator, front mount intercooler kit, and a brand new HPI intake filter. While these are no slouch out of the gate, the basic power upgrades make for a noticeable difference in power delivery. The blacktop SR20 is quick to fire up and sounds nasty through its vintage Nismo catback exhaust. You know it's a rare piece when you can find the original Nismo logo, but it's simply too cool to take off and not get to enjoy. The exhaust is docile around town and really starts to open up the farther you put your foot down. The turbo spools quickly and has no trouble pulling to that 7.5K redline without thinking twice. Power is sent rearwards through the factory 5-speed transmission with little effort. The clutch on this one is surprisingly light and forgiving, so getting used to shifting with your left hand is a bit easier. The Tein suspension is certainly stiffer than what originally came from the factory, but it's not something that you couldn't live with on a day to day basis. Aside from the coilovers and cage, a set of Cusco strut tower braces were added upfront and in the hatch for an extra bit of rigidity. The outcome is a car built to eat up the turns. The S13 has always been know for its nimble handling, so all of the added bits only drive the point home. For the added stopping power the brakes have been upgraded to R32 units which are one of the most popular approaches due to its ease of install and parts availability down the line. This vehicle had a Virginia state safety inspection performed along with a bit of routine service work to make sure that it's ready to go for its new owner. All cars get a routine oil and filter change, but this one is also rocking new Falken rubber all around, a new pilot bushing, and we replaced the outdated front coilovers. Freshly serviced and legally imported this is an ideal driver's car. Lightweight and nimble paired up with a potent powertrain is a guaranteed recipe for success. Whether you're looking for your looking for a versatile weekend toy that you can autocross in on Sunday and drive to work on Monday then this is the car for you. With no shortage of parts available (both OEM and aftermarket) these are incredibly easy to upkeep while offering a great performance per dollar value. We know all know how the saying goes, the S-chassis is the best chassis after all.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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