1993 R32 Skyline GTS-t

Sold: $22,995

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Stock Number: 4766

When it comes to Skylines the R32 will always be a favorite among us true enthusiasts. Now while the GTR is what many lust for, savvy buyers don't want the added cost and maintenance headache that comes with any high-performance vehicle. After all, the most expensive part of owning a Ferrari isn't the entry price, it's the service. This GTS-T is the best of both worlds, with all the right looks paired up with a notoriously robust drivetrain. Make no bones about it though, the RB20 is no slouch. Once you start throwing some quality mods on top of the already capable motor and you have yourself, one serious fun car. Our most recent Type-M, with 88K verified miles, is far from what you'd call stock. Fitted with a full Origin Labo aero the car takes on an entirely new look. The kit complements the factory lines particularly well, but the icing on the cake is the aluminum GTR hood and matching grille. It's crazy just how much of an impact something as simple as that makes. While the aero is all awesome, the color is what really sets this car apart! Not like you see many R32s on the streets in the first place, but this one-off Baja Bronze Metallic makes it a real standout at car shows. Obviously, this wasn't a factory optioned color, originally leaving the factory in a far less exciting Spark Silver Metallic (KL0). Based on how well the color swap was done it feels safe to say the car was resprayed when all of the body changes were made. They even went so far as to graft in fender flairs both front and rear to get some real meat underneath it. Rolling on a massive set of 18" Stage Knight wheels it now has the aggressive stance these should have had from the factory. The color change was well done with the only signs of the original color being in the trunk and under the hood. The paint looks fantastic and really pops out under the sun. There are no real blemishes to note in the paint, however, the body does still have a few door dings that you'd expect from any 27-year-old vehicle. Aesthetically you really couldn't ask for more, though luckily with such a strong aftermarket for these you can always add your own touches down the road.

As you would expect, the interior has had its fair share of modifications as well. Right off the bat, you'll spot the matching Recaro Confetti adjustable bucket seats. Aside from being a bonafide classic these hug both you and your passenger tremendously well. And unlike fixed-back buckets, these have enough adjustments for you to find an actually comfortable seating position. As with many seats with this much bolstering the driver's seat does have some bolster wear which currently has a clever Bride patch to try and prevent it from getting any worse. Since the passenger seats generally don't see as much use that one is in great shape. The back seats are also in great shape since there's nothing there to actually damage. Luckily since this one is caged you could always replace it with a factory seat if you felt the current setup was a little too aggressive. The Personal steering wheel is in great shape and even sports a rare original logo Nismo horn button which you don't come across very often. Since the stock boost gauge is a bit of a joke a Pivot mechanical one was mounted atop the gauge cluster. Off to the left of that is an A'PEXi S-AFCII which gives you real-time monitoring of vitals. These were added since it also has an HKS EVC boost controller mounted against the trans tunnel along with a Blitz turbo timer underneath the dash. The placement of them all is quite convenient since they're easily within reach without being in the way. The automatic climate control does work, however, the A/C compressor is seized which is why the belt was removed. You do still have your other basic power accessories like the one-touch driver's window, power mirrors, and power locks. Like most all R32s this one does have the dash bubble which is pretty much expected on all of these at this point. As a whole, the interior is in good condition all things considered. The carpets are stain-free, as is the headliner. The door cards aren't delaminating which is another rather common issue we see.

The second most desirable drivetrain to the GT-R, the GTS-t features a rugged, yet smooth 2.0L straight-six. The RB20DET has an impressive, linear powerband, and mates nicely with the 5-speed manual factory gearbox. The manual rows through all the gears without hesitation or a hitch. The small displacement and layout make for a very distinct tone, which has only been improved with a high flow catback exhaust. In stock trim, it's almost a shame just how quiet these are. Paired up with an HKS open filter intake it makes all the right noises to take the driving experience up a notch. To make sure that the turbo is never short of fresh air a stealthy GTR front mount intercooler fills the Origin front bumper. Things have been kept relatively stock under that GTR hood, though it does have an aluminum catch can neatly tucked against the front support to try and cut down on any blowby. The suspension has had several upgrades to match the rest of the build. Cusco strut tower braces both front and rear help keep the chassis in shape. Adjustable Tein coilovers sit on all four corners help to get the ride height down while giving a more confident ride when things get twisty. The clutch has also been upgraded to a beefier twin-disc to make sure you won't have any issues getting the power down. Mechanically the car came to us in great shape and we went ahead and took care of quite a few routine service items to ensure it's good for years to come. Fresh rubber on all four corners makes sure that grip won't be an issue. A new air filter, plugs, and fuel filter have everything buttoned back up. A car like this in such awesome condition is going to make someone very happy for years to come. Whether you're looking for a new daily driver, track car, or show build, you really can't go wrong with an R32. There's a reason why the Skyline has stood the test of time, now it's your turn to find out first hand why!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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