1993 Nissan R33 Skyline GTS25-t

Sold: $26,495

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Stock Number: 4954

The Nissan Skyline is hailed as one of the best performance exports out of the small island of Japan. For some reason, the R33 gets lost in the fray, caught between the iconic R32 and R34 generations. It amazes us that cars like this 1993 GTS25-t Type-M can be found so affordably, yet perform at such a high level. This is also not your stock Skyline by any stretch of the imagination. Right off the bat, you'll notice the one-off Royal Blue paint job. Originally this one left the factory in Super Clear Red (AN0) but the color swap was rather well done. They went through and made sure to paint all the jambs, so literally, the only place you can see the original color is some on the opening along the firewall for fittings like the A/C and things of that nature. The assumption is that the color change was done when all of the aero was added because this certainly doesn't look like your stock GTS25-t by any stretch of the imagination. The GTR style front bumper is hands down the best choice for these as it's aggressive yet still has a factory vibe. The FRP vented hood with molded-in N1 style duckbill looks absolutely wicked and also helps with heat dissipation. They even went so far as to add subtle color-matched eyelids which make a shocking impact for how small of a modification they are. A set of PIAA fogs were added which make for a nice upgrade when the weather turns drab or even just for some additional lighting at night. The side skirts and rear spats round out the profile nicely and the GTR style wing outback is the cherry on top. The paint looks great and the body follows suit. While we also want to note out some routine things like some blemishes in the clear and some stone chips/door dings but nothing out of the ordinary. Since you can't do all these exterior modifications and leave it sitting on stock wheels a set of white 17" Enkei RP02s wrapped in brand new rubber were added. While not crazy low by our standards, Cusco coilovers do get the ride height dialed down a bit and naturally help keep the car flat in the twisties.

The interior is where the most noticeable factory improvement over the outgoing R32 generation. The dash is revised and while keeping a similar layout reduces some of the issues like the dash bubble and cracking that the R32 is notorious for. There are some obvious deviations from stock like the set of matching East Bear Sigma fixed-back buckets. While it is rather common for the bolsters to break down over time from climbing in and out of these, but luckily this one has been kept to a minimum. We wouldn't call the driver's seat perfect but it's certainly better than average. A set of leather pads were added to both seats to try and help reduce the amount of wear and they've clearly done their job. The leather 3 spoke wheel is more streamlined and fits nicely in the hand. The gauge cluster is still a simple, easy-to-read layout, with all of your prominent features only an arm's length away. These featured all of the standard accessories of the day (which are all functioning properly) power windows, power mirrors, and automatic climate control. The only thing we saw that wasn't working was the power fold feature on the passenger side mirror which isn't a huge deal but worth mentioning. The rest of the interior is in great shape like the back seats and door panels which really makes it a great cabin to spend an afternoon cruising around in. While the A/C does work you're likely going to find yourself cruising around with the windows down listening to the RB more than anything else. The double din radio is clearly an aftermarket addition though you'll probably want to swap it out with something more US-friendly, or just go back to the RB soundtrack and call it a day.

Mechanically, the R33 had quite a few noticeable improvements over the prior generation as well. While still retaining the rear-drive layout, a beefier 2.5L engine was added for the R33 generation. This change resulted in a vehicle with much more torque that was easier to daily drive without always having to wring it out. With only 135K verified miles the RB25DET is silky smooth and fires up immediately, which is part in thanks to a new 12V battery. The RB sets into a constant idle with a deep bark emitting from the high flow Kakimoto exhaust and sounds fantastic. Now it sounds the way a Skyline really should have left the factory. Acceleration is brisk, and the five-speed manual gives you full control over the driveline. Shifts are direct and occur without a hitch or snag. Under the hood, an APEX'i intake makes rolling on and off the throttle a bit more fun since you get that definitive chirp from the turbo. The massive Blitz front mount intercooler fills up the GTR bumper the way it deserves and also helps to cut down on your spool time. An upgraded aluminum radiator also helps out with making sure the RB is never struggling to stay cool. The car came in mechanically sound needing little in the shop. Aside from the tires and battery that were already mentioned it only needed a right rear HICAS balljoint. The fact that the previous owner had just replaced the timing belt a mere 9K miles ago is a good indicator of how well this car was maintained overseas. You've even got the original books still stashed away in the glovebox. Aside from the Cusco coilovers you've also got Cusco strut tower braces both front and rear to help dial in the suspension even further. While the brakes are more than strong enough to slow the coupe down from highway speeds. For those looking for a particularly clean car with all the right mods that's just as happy pulling daily duty as it is tearing up back roads then look no further. This GTS25-t is the ideal candidate for anyone looking to stand out!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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