1993 Nissan R33 GTS25 Type S

Available for: $16,495

Stock Number: 4845

Nissan made great strides when evolving the R32 into the new body R33. Nissan Skyline is a timeless design, and the R33 generation is simply a wonderful car to drive. Arguably the most underrated of the Skyline family, in turn, has become the best bang for the buck Skyline on the market. The slightly longer/wider stance gives it superior handling and ride comfort. The upgraded interior materials and stouter, more powerful driveline pay dividends when you actually own one, and this '93 is a prime example as to why. Our latest one comes in with a few tasteful upgrades, but nothing that makes you question the type of life it may have lived back in Japan. Cloud White (QM1) is always a strong choice that never goes out of style. The paint looks great on this one with only a few of your typical little stone chips and light clear coat scratches. The body is in equally good shape with only a small door ding or two. The 5 spoke 16's are wrapped in fresh Toyo rubber so you won't have any issue putting the power to the ground.

The cockpit of the R33 is larger than its predecessor, but also more refined. As the dimensions were larger, the front and rear occupants have more room to get comfortable. Yet what's most impressive is that this was achieved with only a 248lbs increase and merely an additional inch or two over the R32. Standard power amenities include windows, locks, and mirrors and the center stack also includes digital climate control. One small thing we noticed was that only the passenger side mirror still has the power fold feature, but luckily you can easily reach the driver side one and fold it in manually. Aside from the nonpowered aftermarket 1.5 Din and Trust Grex shift knob most of the interior has been left alone and in great shape. The dash is in good shape and devoid of any cracks or major blemishes which is a notorious issue with the R32. The headliner and door cards are good as well, which is a great upgrade over the previous generation. The bolstering is also better than the prior models and provides great support over long-haul road trips. Even the more aggressive bolstering is free from the typical wear and tear of climbing in and out over the years. While the rear seats appear to have hardly ever been used, like with most all sport coupes it's typically more just for storage. There is a Blitz vacuum gauge atop the steering column, but like the radio, isn't actually powered. The gauge cluster is still a simple, easy-to-read layout, with all of your prominent features only an arm's length away.

Known for the reliability of the naturally aspirated straight-six, and improved chassis dynamics, the R33 is the best driving US legal Skyline to date. Many of the squeaks and rattles associated with the R32 were mitigated thanks to this updated and more rigid platform. Powered by a naturally aspirated RB25DE that fires up with a quick twist of the key thanks to a new 12V battery. The RB25 sounds rather healthy thanks to its larger catback exhaust. In stock form these are painfully quiet, so the freer-flowing system is greatly appreciated. The open filter intake on the other end of things also helps the RB breathe a bit easier and does still make some of those fun noises under load that we all love. Like any proper sports car, the power is sent out back through a good 'ol fashion 5 speed. Shifts rip off at they should and there isn't a hitch or grind to be mentioned. A new set of rear shocks help to keep the car settled when the road gets twisty. The brakes have plenty of stopping power on tap. The steering is weighted properly and communicates as it should with the driver thanks to a new power steering belt. People tend to sleep on the naturally aspirated cars, but make no bones about it, these are still right quick. Since you don't have all of the added heat from the turbo these tend to be easier to upkeep for those after a standout daily driver. Coming in with only 83K verified miles this guy is only just getting broken in. For those looking for a particularly clean car with all the right mods that's just as happy pulling daily duty as it is tearing up back roads then look no further.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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