1993 Nissan Homy Limousine

Sold: $12,495

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The most desirable family haulers of the 1990's came from Japan, and this diesel 8-seater is a great example why that's the case. This 1993 Nissan Homy Limousine is fully loaded, and has only 24K original miles on the odometer. Filled with useful features and futuristic tech, this van has been well maintained throughout its lifetime, and is ready for its next exciting chapter in life.

The interior is in very good condition, and has definitely been cared for in a former life. Devoid of any juice spills and ink pen marks, the camel colored seats have been covered in upscale, and durable printed covers. The bolstering is great in all three rows, allowing for a comfortable all day drive if so desired. The color coded door panels have minimal wear and have no major rips or tears. The cabin is fully equipped with power amenities such as power front seats, locks and windows. As the name suggests, the mid-row seats rotate 180 degrees allowing for Limousine style seating. One of the neatest features is a factory remote controller, which can be used to control the large sliding passenger sunroof. This controller can also be used to control the dual zone A/C and heat. A pop up sunroof sits atop the front seats as well. A large panoramic sunroof impresses rear passengers with a convertible-like opening. The views and ventilation make this a desirable trim level compared to the more spartan, base-trim Homy. Common in most late 2000's German luxury cars, the sliding rear door features a powered, soft-close function, ensuring that the battery never gets drained from the lights being kept on. The audio equipment works well, and features and AM/FM radio, plays CD's, and adds a Japanese navigation unit.

The exterior is in nice shape, considering the utilitarian lifestyle a van endures, and its quarter century old production date. The paint does have some minor blemishes such as stone chips, yet is otherwise lustrous and deep. The champagne and gray two tone exterior color scheme matches the light chrome body accents well. Extra, oversize, mirrors have been added to aid side and rearward visibility, and the amount of side glass leaves little if any blind spots. The side profile looks a bit more upscale thanks to translucent UV covers installed in the side and rear glass, giving them a vaguely copper tint; they also reduce cabin temperatures and keep away the unwanted glares of other motorists. Of note, the plastic OEM rain guards are still installed, and in good shape. The decals, exterior plastics, and emblems are also in better condition than most vans we retail. Overall, the body looks great and has no major dents or dings, besides some slight waviness in the rear tailgate.

One of this Homy's most desirable options was the drive-train itself. This (TD27T1) 2.7L oil burner will happily grunt its way over the tarmac for years to come. The little four cylinder churns to life, and clatters along quietly enough. This van idles smooth, and accelerates without hesitation. Full torque comes just off of idle, at 2200 rpm, and the tiny diesel moves this midship rear-wheel-drive vehicle up to speed happily. The automatic transmission shifts correctly and transfers power to the tires without any major clunks or hesitation. The next owner can expect a great driving experience as this van gets great fuel economy and delivers a cushy ride. The suspension handles bumps without any issues. Ground clearance is fantastic and the short wheel base allows for a tight turning radius and a impressive approach angles. The steering is light and the van tracks nicely at freeway speeds. The large van brakes surprisingly well, and even has adjustable engine power and suspension options.

Whether you are looking for a unique family hauler, a marketing vehicle, or a travel van this Homy will fit the bill. It's low cost of ownership, stout powerplant, and exception miles make this a killer JDM turn-key platform.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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