1992 Toyota JZS147 Aristo 3.0V

Sold: $12,495

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Stock Number: 4600

The Toyota Aristo is one of the best all-around sports sedans ever built. Outperforming the manual BMW M5 of the same era the Aristo is a serious sports sedan. Underneath its skin, the Aristo is essentially a Toyota Supra (JZA80) as all of the suspension components are shared between the two vehicles. So it's easy to see why it performs so well, especially considering the two cars also have the same legendary twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE drive train. Unlike its coupe version, the Aristo is the epitome of what a grand tourer should be. Powerful yet comfortable, technologically advance while being reliable. Our all stock '92 comes to us in great shape with only 82K verified miles. Since these were offered here in the US, if you decided that say the stock wheels or suspension aren't quite your style there's a good deal of aftermarket support readily available. Finished in the stately Silvermist (176) its really the most proper choice in color for a proper sedan. While we normally would boast about paint quality, this one is in fair shape by our standards. For instance, the front lip has its fair share of nicks and scuffs which you can see in the photos. Around the passenger front wheel, there's a scuff running down it from someone getting too close when parking, which transitioned into the side view mirror. The clear coat does have scratches and some light peel in a few areas. On the bright side, since this is no show quality paint it makes it an ideal daily driver. A vast majority of our customers are too afraid to daily drive our cars due to fear of street parking or even leaving them in a parking lot for an afternoon. The body itself looks great, which is really the bigger concern since a paint job or wrap is a relatively easy solution. The toyota 6 spoke wheels fit the understated look of the 147 and are wrapped in fresh rubber.

Inside you'll find a full executive suite with full power amenities including power windows, tilt wheel, automatic climate control, power seats, Power sunroof, power-folding mirrors, and cruise control to name a few. One-piece to note, it's relatively common for the electric seat track to bind up on the driver's side meaning you have to manually adjust it forward and back. Luckily though most people never move their seat once they get it set, plus it stops people from messing with your seating position all the time since its always impossible to get it just right again. While commonplace on Lexus's here in the US, the Japanese are not big fans of leather making it a rare option. Both the driver and passenger seats are in good shape however there are some spots that have been touched up which makes them a touch darker than the factory leather. The same goes for the back seats, but it's far better than the more common cracking and tears that any GS seat has stateside. The automatic climate control is fantastic as the air is blowing nice and cold for the summer months ahead. The dash is very nice and has no cracks or sun damage that you would expect from a 28-year-old vehicle. The door panels are also clean and free of any rips or tears. Another rare option was a factory airbag. Those didn't become standard in Japan until '98 making it a nice accessory. The Panasonic head unit and sound processor do function, however, most will want to swap it out for something more modern with things like Bluetooth.

Naturally, everyone's favorite part of the Aristo is the twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE. Famed for both reliability and its ability to make huge horsepower numbers, there's no wonder why. Toyota claims 275hp from the factory, however, these engines were notoriously underrated from the factory. All of the same bolt-on parts for the Supra overlap so there's no shortage of power adders readily available if you want to take that route. Once you drive it you may find that it's unnecessary, these cars pull like a freight train. The power delivery is very linear and it truly feels like there's no end to it. The JZ fires right up and is unassumingly quiet. The straight-six makes for a very smooth idle, and when you pair that up with the factory suspension you get one very smooth ride out of it. The suspension setup really makes the best of any road and turns this into a car that you could easily chew up the highway in. The automatic transmission handles the power very well with shifts that are smooth and crisp. The car appears to have been well maintained over its time in Japan. For instance, the timing belt was just serviced 23K miles ago which is always one of the biggest concerns people have. Beyond that we've gone ahead and taken care of a new set of plugs, the rear brake pads, along with the front left out tie rod and routine oil change. Whether you're looking for a luxurious daily driver for your morning commute or the ultimate in sleeper sedans, the Aristo has you covered.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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