1992 Nissan R32 Modified Skyline

Stock Number: 4957

The early '90s are synonymous with Nissan's heyday, and the R32 was perhaps their most iconic creation of the period. Marketed as a near-luxury sports coupe, this '92 coupe embodies everything that we love about them with only 124K verified miles. While they look good in stock trim once you start dabbling in the aftermarket world you can really end up with a killer product. The front end has a lot of GTR vibe going on without looking exactly like a replica. While it has a similar profile and the N1 ducts the bottom has a really unique kick-up that adds a subtle little flair. The trademark GTR grille and hood cap off the aggressive front end. Making your way around the car you catch the vented fenders which make quite an impact visually. The shaved rear wing gives the car an overall more sleek profile that looks wicked. Finished in arguably the best color, Pearl Black Metallic (732) it's hard to argue with the looks on this one. Due to how much of the bodywork has been replaced with aftermarket pieces the whole car has been resprayed in the original color. The respray looks good but there are some minor bubbles in the clear and small imperfections of that nature. Aftermarket pieces never quite fit as nicely as OEM pieces but overall the fit and finish is good considering. There are naturally a few little door dings and things of that nature, but nothing out of the ordinary for being 29 years old. With everything thing else this car has going for it you couldn't leave the stock wheels so a set of Bronze 17" Advan AVS Model 5 wrapped in fresh rubber were chosen to better fill the wheel wells. Tein coilovers get the ride height dialed in and also make the car handle even better, not that it was a slouch, to begin with.

The interior, on the other hand, is a bit tamer. You do find a really nice Bride adjustable back bucket which looks right at home in the cockpit. Typically with the more aggressive bolstering, the sides are the first thing to go since you have to climb up and over them it typically takes a toll on the fabric. Luckily this one shows particularly well and boy does it do its job of keeping you in place. The stock passenger and rear seats are in good shape though they do have a slight bit of sun fading due to their age, but are free from any staining or seam separations which would be a much bigger issue to deal with. The door panels are in fair shape as it does have a slight bit of delamination on the fabric which is rather common with these. Also along the top edges of the interior c pillar trim panels, it's cracking a bit from UV damage but doesn't have any impact on fitment. Another chronic issue is the dreaded dash bubble. Luckily this one has been pretty much spared with only the slightest start of one over by the passenger air vent. The red-stitched wheel is a nice touch and feels great in the hand. The only school genuine Nismo shift knob is another nice touch that you don't see very often anymore. The head unit is not powered so we couldn't check the speaker quality, but with that RB20 under the hood you've already got the perfect soundtrack for any cruise. You still get all the basic power accessories of the time like power windows, one-touch driver's window, power mirrors, and power locks. The power-fold feature for the mirrors no longer works but you can always manually fold them in when you're worried about street parking. The automatic climate control is a nice touch and the A/C feels like it's blowing cold. The trim piece that runs across the top of it has cracked, though it's not something you'd really notice unless you're looking for it.

The drivetrain Nissan chose made sense as it was a good combination of reliability, power, and efficiency. The RB20DET has found its way into a slew of cars in Nissan's fleet due to that and we're not going to complain. While they're good in stock trim, ours has had a few nice little power adders thrown on. The HKS intake, for instance, lets the turbo breathe a bit easier and gives that distinct whistle we all know and love. While you'd normally get some extra flutter from the turbo from the intake the Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve makes sure you know this car means business. A massive front mount intercooler fills up the GTR style bumper the way it should have been from the factory. While it looks good, it's the performance factor that we're all after. Ensuring that you're never short on cold air to feed the turbo it also helps to drop the spool time down a few hundred RPM which is never a bad thing. A larger HPI aluminum radio is tucked neatly underneath the red anodized Greddy radiator cooling plate. While most of the aftermarket bits are geared towards the motor it does have a set of strut tower braces as well to tie the chassis together since you need the handling to keep up with the power. A high-flow catback exhaust gives the RB a bit of a throatier burble and adds a bit of panache to the sporty exterior styling. It's a crime to leave these cars stock in the exhaust department. The 2.0L is quick to fire up thanks to a new 12V battery and fuel sock and sounds great through that catback. The power comes on quickly and pulls hard to that 7K redline. While speed is good you do need to be able to control it so larger GTR brakes were added and they do one heck of a job of reeling you in. FET sport strut tower braces front and rear also help to tighten up the chassis and help the Teins perform even better. Power is sent rewards through a proper 3 pedal setup. The clutch is rather firm which fits the feel of the car. It also has an upgraded 2 way diff in the back so you can properly get that power to the pavement. The 5 speeds shifts with ease though if you haven't driven a car with an upgraded diff it is a bit more aggressive at low speeds and tight turns so it is more noticeable from a driver's perspective. Mechanically we went over the car and took care of quite a few routine service items. We replaced the fuel sock and several of the fuel lines, though the fuel gauge float does have a tendency to stick so it isn't always reading accurately. The suspension saw some work as well by way of new front inner and outer tie rods. We also replaced the rear HICAS arms and had it realigned. The end result is one heck of a driver's car, which at the end of the day is what we're all after. While these cars are good stock, they're great once you tap into the aftermarket world. Now is your chance to see just why these cars became such legendary Japanese Classics!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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