1991 Nissan Z32 2+2

Stock Number: 4337

The Nissan Fairlady was already a well-established sports car by the time Nissan rolled out the 4th generation. From the models' debut, it was a clear design departure from the angular, blocky Nissan coupes of the 1980s. The smooth, sculpted sheet metal, timeless proportions, and rewarding drive made for immediate success in the marketplace. Not to mention it's ahead of the time cockpit, heaps of power, and state of the art suspension, there's no doubt as to why. This 1991 is a prime example of what a proper Grand Tourer should be. With only 99K verified miles it's clearly well cared for based on its overall condition. It's also a bit surprising to find a car like this in such a stock condition. Finished in arguably the most quintessential sports car color, Aztec Red (AG2) makes it a real head-turner. The paint shows exceptionally well for being a 29-year-old vehicle with a great luster. Both the paint and body are largely blemish-free, with only a few typical door dings you would expect to find on any car these days. One minor upgraded would be a new set of horns looming behind the bumper opening. Typically they're black so they blend in, whereas that tan is far more pronounced.

It's evident that Nissan focused the interior heavily on the driver-centric cockpit. A wrap-around dash highlighted in grey cloth makes for comfy surroundings. For instance, the lower dash, glove box, and door cards are upholstered in the same soft-touch twill cloth that lines the seats in an attempt to class up the interior over the lesser models like the Silvia and Skyline. The Z's 2+2 configuration means you could squeeze someone into the back, but more realistically gives you an additional spot for storage. Having the bonus space makes everyday life a bit easier, even if it is just to throw a couple of bags of groceries in. Being a purpose-built grand tourer Nissan added some expensive standard equipment to make daily driving more enjoyable. A full digital climate system with automatic climate control is one of the more unique Z32 only items in Nissan's bag of tricks. Of course, it has power windows, door locks, and folding side mirrors standard. The seats are in overall good condition, barring a small bit of bolster wear on the driver's side. Both front seats do have a bit of discoloration, however, they are free of the more concerning rips or tears. Another key spot we see issues with is the dash due to the size. Many of the ones we see come though have sun damage causing it to peel, but luckily we don't see any of that here. One rare piece is the Nismo gauge cluster that was dealer installed, meaning it's one of the rare instances that the mileage is accurate.

Under the hood is the infamous VG30DETT that made this car so famous. Built with the incredibly robust iron block these 3.0 V6 twin turbos are known for their ability to make and handle power. Ours has obviously been kept all stock which most people prefer for a starting point. As a preventative measure, the rubber intakes have been upgraded to a hard pipe kit. Due to their robust nature, the VG fires right up as soon as you turn the key. With its Fujitsubo catback exhaust this Z sounds like it means business. Power comes on very smoothly and pulls hard to that 7K redline. Acceleration is excellent and there's no question about when those turbos spool. The automatic transmission pairs well with this kind of GT car. It has gobs of power on tap thanks to the twin turbos, yet it is comfortable and easy enough to hop in and take on a weekend road trip without any concerns. The transmission engages drama free and runs through the gears with ease, sending all that power to the rear wheels without any hesitation. Should you run into an unexpected issue, parts are readily available and you could even take it to your local Nissan dealership if you wanted. To make sure that it's mechanically ready from our perspective we've gone ahead and replaced the HICAS arms, battery, and a routine oil change. There are few cars that have stood the test of time as the Z32 has. For those after a proper sports tourer there's really no better option than the Fairlady Z.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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