1991 Nissan Silvia 2.1L Stroker

Sold: $17,995

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This head-turning 1991 Nissan Silvia has been tastefully modified with some of the highest quality Japanese parts available. Although the flashy paint may be the first thing to catch your eye, the real beauty is below the skin; the dialed in chassis and tuned 2.1L SR20DET stroker making this one of the best performing cars we have brought over stateside.

To start, the custom Caribbean Aqua Metallic has replaced the factory black color, adding a huge visual appeal. If the custom job wasn't distinctive enough, a metallic black trim line highlights the muscular rear fenders, and the aftermarket aero adds a nice touch to Nissan's timeless coupe silhouette. The Corporate G front bumper partially obscures a thick, polished aluminum front-mount intercooler. Additional charge air cooling is a good idea for this SR, because it makes a bit more power than your average run of the mill unit. With the displacement increased by another 100cc, this stroker motor churns out some serious power. The powerplant has been reinforced with a metal head gasket, and the fuel system now accommodates 555cc high flow injectors. Surprisingly, the small four cylinder engine doesn't have a great deal of lag, making this Silvia a good candidate for daily driving and/or occasional track duties. The tune isn't overly aggressive, and the engine turns over every time without hesitation. The stock turbocharger has been replaced with a superior TD06-25G, bolted to a better flowing TRUST manifold. Exhaust is plumed through more TRUST piping, exiting a polished Veilside backbox. Not to worry, all the vitals such as air/fuel mixture, boost, and oil pressure can be monitored by gauges in the cockpit. A neat 'whoosh' comes through a high flow AIRINX intake to add to the aural experience. Many of the suspension pieces have been replaced with better performing parts. Both the strut towers are tied together with thick braces, and each of the four corners has adjustable TEIN dampers to sort out the bumps. A new set of brakes sit behind the gunmetal gray 17" Buddy Club P1 wheels, and do a great job of stopping this little notchback. The driveline is solid, with shifts coming from a 5-speed manual transmission. The short throw shifter reduces gear change times and provides great feedback to the driver. While the upgraded clutch is more aggressive than stock, with its on/off contact point, it does a great job of sending power through the two way differential. To match the exhaust, a Veilside aluminum radiator sits near a lightweight Panasonic battery, and handles cooling duties.

Changes inside the cabin include a blue and gray adjustable Bride bucket seat, Volanti Sportivi D shaped steering wheel, and Cusco bolt in half-cage among other upgrades. The interior definitely has a function over form type feel with the rear seat delete. But unlike most S13's we come across, the dash is in great shape, without those pesky common dash cracks. Even the front carpet and passenger seat have been well cared for. The air conditioning works well, as does the heat. Even the one touch widows and automatic climate control are still in proper working order, a real testament to the build quality of these early 90's Nissans. Just like the exterior, which is devoid of major blemishes, the interior has been kept nicely overall. The odometer currently reads 19k miles, however this could not be verified, so this vehicle will be listed as “not actual” mileage.

Fully maintained, and Virginia state safety inspected, this dual use Japanese Classic is turn key ready. This wild, one of a kind S13 is not just unique, but built to perform. Its mix of well engineered parts and distinctive looks makes this coupe very special.

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