1992 Toyota Soarer Super Silver Metallic

Sold: $12,495

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When Toyota entered the luxury coupe market with the Soarer model, it was an instant hit. The comfortable, powerful, and reliable two door model sent Mercedes and BMW back to the drawing board to contemplate their similar product offerings. Toyota believed that a super powerful, high quality vehicle, such as the Z30, didn't need to break the bank in terms of upkeep. Because of its timeless look, and stalwart durability, this car is an incredible value.

The most impressive fact about the Soarer is how unassuming it is. Behind the rounded lines of the front fascia sits Toyota's legendary 1JZ-GTE turbocharged six cylinder engine, the same engine found in the legendary Supra sports car. This venerable mill comes with nearly 300 horsepower on demand, and Its silky operation leaves little to be desired. Gobs of torque flows through an automatic transmission with four cogs, shifting effortlessly without any clunks or hesitation. The suspension is super supple, and takes large potholes without breaking a sweat. The large factory brakes on the Z30 do a good job of slowing the heavy coupe down to a gentle stop. In addition to the Virginia state safety inspection, our technicians have performed an oil and filter service.

From the outside, the long nose and curvy physique are set off in (176) Super Silver Metallic. The original body work has been preserved, and the vehicle is 100% unmodified. Silver factory alloys adorn all four corners, and all season tires provide grip year round. Rear privacy tint allows for some seclusion, and gives the car a classy touch. With the exception of two small abrasions located on the lower drivers rocker panel and rear passenger tail area, the body is in above average shape. No other large dings, dents, or scratches are of note. The lights all function properly and provide great night time visibility. The bodywork is a testament to how this car has been taken care of, and the interior is close to perfect for a car of this age. The digital cluster functions flawlessly, and best of all, notes the car's 18K verified miles. The white needles and dark back lighting look especially trick. The power windows work, and even have an auto down feature for the driver. The adjustable power seats smoothly respond to the users inputs, and are supportive for longer drives. As a plus, the gray textured cloth nicely accents the exterior paintwork. The air conditioning and heat also function, making this an idea ride for all climates. As far as 25 year old vehicles are concerned, this particular interior is incredible. As referenced above, the seats, carpet, and dash material are in above average shape, with nary a scratch or rip. Even the Pioneer head unit functions well, and blissful tunes emit from the speakers.

Few models transcend time the way this vehicle has. The Toyota Soarer combined a level of luxury, dependability, and performance that make it a turn key Japanese classic.

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