1991 Nissan Fairlady Z

Sold: $16,495

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The Z32 Fairlady Z has been largely forgotten when it comes to performance Japanese cars. This car is a beautiful reminder that the Z32 can compete with the best of them and look cool doing it. The vast high quality modifications provide a well balanced very quick Z that's sure to put a smile on your face! Having just 83k verified miles, this Z has been exceptionally well maintained with performance in mind. The exterior is finished in Nissan's Aztec Red (AG2) and is in beautiful well kept condition. While the exterior remains mostly stock there are a few nice modifications including the vented Mission FRP hood, FRP rear wing, and an understated rear diffuser. Otherwise the body remains stock and is in great shape with no major blemishes. The wheels have been upgraded to bronze 17" staggered Work Emotions and look right at home against the red exterior. The exterior does a good job at maintaining an unassuming look, keeping it's real potential hidden from view.

Climbing inside the cabin gives more of an indication of this cars purpose. The fixed Bride bucket seat provides ample support for any type of driving and is in good condition with the exception of a rip on the drivers bolster. The passenger seat and rear seat are both in great condition with only minor wear. The dash is clean with little to no sun damage and no cracks or bubbles. The door panels are both very nice and show only slight wear from normal use. A series of Defi gauges hint further at this cars performance keeping oil pressure, oil temperature, and water temperature in viewing range of the driver. A Defi Tach provides accurate engine rev monitoring and a shift light so you can keep your eyes on the road (or track). Additionally a Defi Link Display allows for up to 3 minutes of data logging and additional readouts for engine performance. A simple aftermarket CD player replaces the stock unit and a Blitz boost controller fills the factory clock location. A further nod to this Z's real potential comes from the interior bracing provided by Cusco and Next (Miracle Cross Bar). These braces help stiffen up the chassis and improve overall handling. The Cusco B-Pillar braces do not interfere with the rear seat access and could still be usable. Overall a very good condition driver oriented interior.

Mechanically is where this twin turbo Z32 shines. The VG30DETT engine has been well modified using only the highest quality parts available. The stock turbos have been replaced by twin HKS 2530 units which are a directly bolt on to the stock manifolds and provide power potential up to 600WHP. The wastegates are also HKS and provide more precise control over boost levels. Supporting modifications include a set of Trust side mount intercoolers and hard pipe kit, Blitz intake, Nismo 550cc injectors, Nismo fuel pump, Trust oil cooler + filter relocation and a copper Koyo radiator to keep everything cool. The downpipes have also been upgraded to 3" along with the catback exhaust system. Possibly more impressive than the engine modifications are the extensive suspension modifications to make the Z handle a turn just as good as a straight line. Tein Circuit Master coilovers provide both better handling and an adjustable ride height. The front and rear sway bars have been upgraded with huge ARC stabilizers and Nismo front and rear lower control arms give a more solid feel. Adjustable front upper control arms allow for fine tuning camber, and Super Lap tie rods provide a stronger alternative over OEM. Rear adjustable upper controls arms and traction rods gives you the ultimate ability to set up the suspension exactly how you like. The rear subframe has been completely gone through, painted, and solid bushings installed along with polyurethane differential bushings. This is one of the best driving, well balanced, properly modified Z's you'll find.

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