1994 Nissan Skyline R33

Sold: $18,495

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In stock trim, the R33 Skyline has a very subtle approach to the sports coupe concept. A traditional front engine, rear wheel drive setup, designed to turn blistering laps on Sunday and your groceries on Monday. Sometimes we come across a car that throws all that out the window and goes for in your face performance and head turning looks. This one has certainly taken on the approach of the latter. Right off the bat you can't help but notice the custom metallic fuchsia paint, meaning you'll never loose track of where you parked your car. Obviously not a factory color, originally this '94 was finished in Gun Gray Metallic (KH2). The color change was well done, as the only indication of the original color is the engine bay which is actually black. Not only is wildly one off by way of color, it's also fitted with a full BN Sports aero kit. As with any aftermarket fiberglass kit it never fits quite as perfect as factory body panels do, however this one is well above average. The kit itself appears to have been well preserved over the years and is free of the typical spiderwebbing that we see in the paint from stress cracks. Much like the aero, the body itself has been kept in great condition. Barring a few routine little door dings and stone chips there's not much to report on. To compliment the low over hangs of the BN Sports aero a GTR style rear wing gives the back end the iconic look that we all know and love. To better fill out the fenders, a set of Sectrion Japan adjustable coilovers have been fitted to all corners. Reducing the ride height not only gets the looks to where they need to be, but this GTS25-T corners with noticeably less body roll, staying considerably more flat through the twisties. A set of graphite 18" Rays Gram Lights 57Xtreme wheels have replaced the smaller factory rolling stock and look worlds better. Now this R33 turns heads everywhere it goes.

The more robust platform of the R33 had some benefits trickle down to the interior; the increased chassis stiffness lends itself to less squeaks and rattles, making this a nice daily driver option. Despite the lower ride height and more aggressive aero the car is surprisingly easy to run around town in. Ground clearance is still plenty capable of getting you around without fear of exploding a bumper going over the slightest imperfections. The driver's seat is exceptionally comfortable over longer trips and shows particularly well for it's age. Neither the driver or passenger's seat have an tears or the common bolster wear from getting in and out. As with most all sports coupes while it does have a rear seat, it appears to have held to no to usage over it's lifetime. Overall the interior has been kept as OEM as the body with the exception of a Lamco mechanical boost gauge mounted atop the dash. As for the dash itself, it remains in great condition and has no major sun damage, cracks, or bubbles unlike most Nissan's of the era. These did come fitted with all of the standard features of the time; power locks, mirrors, lighting, gauges, and one touch widows all function remarkably well. A digital climate control system is easy to use and functioning as one would expect. Finally a simple three-spoke steering wheel finishes off the interior, ensuring the driver has a well-gripped connection with the road.

Mechanically the R33's got a bump in performance with the introduction of the RB25DET. Not only was displacement increased but the turbocharger was a bit larger as well. This RB25DET fires up quickly idles smoothly and pulls hard throughout the RPM range. The transmission was also upgraded on the R33's and is a stronger gearbox than it's predecessor. Shifts through the 5 speed manual transmission are grind free and smooth, while the clutch engages with ease. While largely all stock it does have a Fujitsubo catback exhaust which makes the 25 far more pronounced, the way it should have been from the factory. Since it does still have the cat and mufflers in place there's no highway drone to drive you crazy on those longer trips. The same can be said about the aftermarket suspension, while it does firm up the ride a bit it doesn't feel like you're being beat to death every time you hit an imperfection on the highway. There have been some additional chassis bracing to go along with the coilovers. To reduce any slop in the rear upgraded subframe collars were installed along with Cusco adjustable lower arms. The only addition to the engine bay is an A'PEXi strut tower brace. In it's time with us we've addressed the basic maintenance concerns in order to ensure that the next owner is worry free. A new rear main seal were installed along with a routine oil change. At 92K verified miles this car is in great shape for it's age with plenty of life left in it. After all, Nissan built this sports car to stand the test of time. It's a testament to Nissan's engineering, as this car outperforms most newer vehicles, despite having been made a quarter century ago. This well maintained, Japanese Classic is a turn key ready option for those who wish to drive a legendary vehicle.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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