1990 Nissan Silvia S13 Q’s

Sold: $18,995

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Stock Number: 4695

When it comes down to versatile cars you really can't do much better than an S13. Whether you're looking to build a show car, track terror, or simply a new daily driver the S13 can pretty much do it all. Our latest 1990 Silvia is 100 percent set up as a very well built track monster that you can easily hop in and cruise to the track, run for the day and turn around and drive it back home once you've had your fun. At first glance you can tell this car isn't exactly what you'd consider a stock daily driver. Most of the upgrades that have been made to the body were all done with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, the widened front fenders, hood, and trunk have all been replaced with lightweight fiberglass pieces to cut down on unnecessary weight. The rear fenders have had fiberglass flairs grafted into them in order to accommodate the wider 17" AVS Model 7s without running the risk of any rubbing instead of the more common roll and pull method. The little details like that are really what makes this car a more purpose-built machine. The TBO style front bumper has been trimmed to fit the larger front mount intercooler and even has some additional ducting run to help provide a steady charge of fresh air to the intake. While this one is certainly purpose-built they made sure to integrate all the little additions to really set it off. The GTR style front grille, aero mirrors, and even the highly sought after brick headlights. Originally leaving the factory in Dark Green Metallic (DH0) it has since undergone a full-color swap to Super White (326.) It's safe to assume the color swap was done when all the additional aero was added since the color blend is rather seamless from one material to the next, they even went so far as to pull the glass and respray the entire chassis after stitch welding it. It's uncommon for us to see a full-color change done to this extent, and subsequently, it's in fantastic shape. While you can always expect to find a door ding or two, overall there's really nothing to complain about body wise. All of the aftermarket panels line up rather well which is a bit of a rarity when it comes to aftermarket pieces these days.

The interior takes everything great about the body and kicks it up a notch. Everything was clearly thought through and not just some hack job where things get piecemealed together over the years. Right off the bat you can't help but notice the very methodical weight reduction of stripping all of the unnecessary things like the carpeting, headliner, and rear seats. In place of the back seat is a bolt in half cage finished in matching Super White to give it a more polished look. While the carpeting and sound deadening was removed they did go so far as to actually cut the carpeting and floor mats to make sure that you can still put them back in place to tidy things up a bit. It's not often that we see this level of attention to detail. For instance, a sheet metal rear panel was installed to close off the trunk that would normally just be an open passage when the back seat is removed. The full stitch welding is visible to those with a keen eye and was most certainly a time-consuming process. Surprisingly, the stock seats and steering wheel were retained and are both in excellent condition. Neither the seats nor door panels have any signs of staining, seam separations, or sun damage which plagues most Nissan's of this era. The same goes for the dash, which those familiar with the S13 know are notorious for cracking over the years. The dash has been rather highly modified and most of the dead weight was removed (like the glove box and vents for instance.) In place of the factory radio is a well-designed sheet metal housing for the Greddy Profec, turbo timer, and Omoni water temp gauge. Above that in place of the center vents are a matching set of Omoni gauges to keep an eye on your oil pressure, oil temp, and exhaust temps. Lastly, an only school Greddy boost gauge is positioned atop the gauge cluster itself, all of which match quite well and have that proper period correct look to them. Arguably one of the rarest pieces in this one is the functioning heads-up display which we never see working these days. In place of the glovebox is an A'PEXi AFC and you can spot down in the footwell the ECU was has been bench tuned. While the interior has been stripped this is hands down one of the cleanest that we've come across. If you hadn't already assumed, the A/C has been removed since this was certainly a track build but they did keep the power windows so you at least have proper ventilation on warmer days.

Under that fiberglass hood is Nissan's tried and true CA18-DET. While originally an NA 5 speed car it's since been upgraded to the turbo CA that way you can actually get out and have some fun. The 37K miles that the cluster reads were verified so it's not only particularly clean but has some shockingly low mileage. It has been kept relatively stock for reliability's sake which is also nice to see. To feed the turbo a K&N High Flow Filter feeds through the larger Z32 MAF (hence the tuned ECU.) Luckily being a Nissan several other models will all work with the S13, like the larger Z32 brake calipers and Project Mu pads. Tucked neatly behind that TBO front bumper is a proper front mount intercooler and oil cooler which almost look as if they came from the factory that way. When we say that this car really didn't leave any stone unturned, when you climb underneath you'll notice that they even color matched the entire underside which is something that we never see. To make sure the turbo spools freely a one-off turbo-back exhaust was fitted and sounds killer. Since it has a high flow cat on it still you don't get that dreaded highway drone of straight piped cars. The suspension has been upgraded via a set of Tein coilovers which get the car down to a more proper ride height on top of cleaning up some of the body roll you get from the factory. Aside from the full stitch welding a Spats strut tower brace also helps to tighten things up a bit. The CA fires right up and has a rather docile idle. Once you get your foot into it the turbo spools up quickly and pulls hard through the rev range. Since all of the dead weight has been removed this one is rather quick despite not having a crazy built motor. It really does go to show that Colin Chapman was onto something with his "simplify, then add lightness" philosophy. The 5 speed is a blast to row through thanks to its short-throw shifter. The clutch is surprisingly light and has no issues with getting the power sent to the rear wheels. It does have a more aggressive diff outback, as you would expect with any tract setup, so you will feel it when you're at low-speed turns. It's not often for us to come across purpose-built cars at this high of a level. For those of us after a turn-key car that's ready to rip then look no further.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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