1990 Nissan Laurel

Sold: $15,495

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Stock Number: 4256

The '90s provided us with a ton of great performance sedans, many of which fall under the radar to the more common sports cars like the Skyline and Silvia. So why not take the best attributes of both and roll them into a proper 4 door saloon? Taking the heart of the Skyline and mating the handling of the S13 made it a real underrated performer. It's hard body lines are both aggressive yet still remain subtle. With its frameless B-pillar the side profile simply can't be matched by any other sedans on the road. While it originally started off as Pebble Beige Metallic (CG2) a full custom color change to an Aubergine Purple Metallic really makes the car. The paint looks fantastic and really pops when you get it out in the sunlight. It feels safe to assume that it was painted not long before leaving Japan as there are hardly any stone chips or blemishes to note from it's 102K verified miles. The change was well done as all the door jambs and under panels were addressed. Even items like the chrome window trim appear to have been replaced when it was done. The body shows off just as well as the paint does with only a few little door dings here and there. The body has been kept all stock, including the hard to find OEM aero bumper. Black 17" 6 spoke Kosei K1 wheels give the big luxury sedan the more sporty look it deserves. To make sure that the Kosei's filled the wheel well better CST Zero-1 adjustable coilovers sit at all four corners.

The interior has a more performance-oriented feel from it's Bride Brix driver's seat to its suite of gauges. The adjustable Bride is far more supportive than the rest of the Barcalounger-esk seating to keep you properly planted when you start to lay into that turbocharged RB. While it does have the traditional bolster wear and some discoloration it does still sit like one of the best aftermarket seat options out there for a reason. The cushy passenger and rear seats are just as comfortable as you'd imagine and have been very well maintained. Overall the interior really does look great, all of the plastics are free of deformation or discoloring, the dash isn't warped or cracked like many Nissans of the era. The only real issue of note is the driver's side A-pillar and passenger C-pillar trim is missing. The Nardi Torino wheel looks right at home and compliments the sporty feel the Bride gives off. The center console is home to a host of Omoni gauges; exhaust temp, volts, oil pressure, water temp, and oil temp. Above that, the stock clock was replaced with a Greddy boost gauge which fits perfectly. Underneath the dash is a FET Type-R turbo timer that does function properly. Along with all of the aftermarket items the factory power accessories are all still present and accounted for; power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and automatic climate control. The rear occupants do have to be a little careful getting in and out as to not trip over the Do-Luck floor bar that offers up a good deal of chassis rigidity since there's no B pillar.

While the rest of the car hints that it has a sporty underpinning, once you pop the hood you understand why. Originally fitted with a single jingle RB20, it now has the proper RB20DET with a TD06 big turbo upgrade. When the motor and trans were out the entire underside of the car was stripped and sealed. We rarely see underbodies this clean, typically this is done for show points along with overall preservation. In keeping with longevity, all of the proper supporting pieces were added. A Trust front mount intercooler and HKS intake with custom made hard piping to match. The HKS intake is mated to an RB25 Neo MAF sensor and GTR injectors to keep the TD06 fed. The Blitz Super Sound blow-off valve makes itself known as soon as you lift off the throttle. But outback is where the real sounds come from. A turbo-back straight pipe with a Fujitsubo muffler gives it a very pronounced sound on startup that only grows as the boost comes on. The RB fires right up and seriously pulls when you get on it. The 5 speed feels great and handles sending the power out back with ease. With the suspension support, the car handles fantastic yet doesn't feel like you're riding on bricks. For those of us looking to stand out in the RHD world, the Laurel has all the right boxes checked. It's one of a kind looks, 4 door practicality, and all the performance to back it up.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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