2002 Infiniti Q45 VIPCAR

Sold: $18,995

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This award winning 2002 Infiniti Q45 show car is now available through Japanese Classics. Originally built by Super Star Customs in Georgia it has undergone many changes aesthetically to what you see today. Every panel on the exterior has had custom one off modifications done and it certainly shows. Although it's on air suspension this Q45 was built in true Japanese vipcar style to a level only a handful of cars stateside ever are. The bumpers were exchanged for Mode Parfume pieces along with the side skirts. However, they are far from stock. In addition to the custom flares added to the bumpers to match the custom metal flares on the fenders a Mode Parfume red carbon fiber lip kit was custom built around the Mode Parfume aero which really makes this Q45 stand out. Vents were also added to the bumpers both front and rear to give a more aggressive look. A set of one off led fog lights were installed up front a theme carried throughout all of the lighting on the car.

The front fenders are completely one off and hand built by Super Star Customs. The metal flare was added to accommodate the massive 19" SSR Professor MS3 wheels, and the one off fender vent was painstakingly crafted from metal. The combination creates a very unique and well executed look. The body molding on the doors has been deleted giving the chassis a more sleek and smooth overall look. The Mode Parfume side skirts have also been modified to match the front a rear flares and the same of off red carbon lip carries through the bottom of the side skirts.

In addition to larger one off flares this Q45 has also had the flares raised from the stock location or "radiused" which has been a popular technique in both the Japanese vipstyle scene and domestic hod rod world for years. This not only makes the car more aggressive ascetically it also gives the car a much lower stance and when aired completely out is able to gently set the side skirts and front bumper on the ground.

The rear bumper has also been modified with the addition of the side vents along with a one off red carbon fiber diffuser, which really sets the rear of the car off nicely. One off LED tail lights and head lights further take this Q45 to a level seldom seen in the states. The hood is completely one off adding metal vents done by Super Star Customs. Behind the massive 19" SSR wheels sits an enormous big brake upgrade which almost completely fills up the spoke openings both front and rear.

To achieve the massive camber and to keep everything aligned properly T-Demand arms were utilized throughout the suspension. T-Demand is the top vipcar suspension arm company in Japan and is extremely well designed and high quality.

Here's your chance to own a true to form vipcar in the US at a fraction of the build cost! Hundreds of hours of custom work went into making this car what it is today. There's so much more to say about this insane build, but serious inquires please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email with any other questions regarding this unique vipcar.

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