1989 Honda NSR250R

Sold: $5,995

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Since we love to keep a diverse inventory here we just got our hands on a 1989 Honda NSR250R. This bike has been particularly well maintained with only 7K original miles. In '89 the NSR debuted with a host of improvements over it's predecessors. Aesthetically the windshield is sleeker and more aerodynamic along with a more recessed headlight than in previous years. With such low miles the fairings have been kept in pretty original shape with only minor wear around the tank. The most notable damage is to the front fairing where something has cracked it in two places (detailed in the pictures.) The seat and upper padding are both in fantastic shape and has no discoloration or tears.

The NSR is powered by a 249cc 90° V-twin liquid-cooled two-stroke with crankcase reed valve induction via twin naturally aspirated carburetors. The two stroke is fitted with a kick start that firers right up and idles nicely. The 11.5K redline comes up quickly with the rev happy V-Twin. Equipped with Honda's newest generation of the PGM-II management system it increased reliability and it's road going performance. The PGM-II was incredibly sophisticated for it's time, and kept the NSR at the cutting edge of the highly competitive Japanese 2-stroke sports bike market. The single unit controlled carburetion management, ignition timing, and the integrated RC valve operation. The carbs were recently gone through along with a new set of plugs. The transmission is a constant mesh 6 speed that runs through the gears flawlessly. Changes are also seen with the chassis over previous years which include a more forward and lower mounted engine, main diagonal 5 section tubular frame, and hollow cast pivot section provided a highly rigid frame with extreme balance. The MC18-II made a splash in 1989 with it's release and would make a phenomenal addition to any collection!

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