1997 S160 Toyota Aristo

Stock #6371

Built for long highway drives, this refined and reliable Japanese Classic is the obvious choice for a road trip. Our 1997 Aristo is also easy on the eyes, with its OEM spoiler, factory rainguards, and White Pearl Tri-coat paint (051). Aside from a few light dings and chips, the paint is in good shape and this smooth sedan is fresh off a recent service, which included a new timing belt and water pump. Offered with a scant 99k verified and documented miles, this JZS160 is a decent alternative to our Stateside examples, which typically have logged high mileage and are in worse condition. Unique, practical, and cool, this terrific Toyota would make for a delightful daily, frugal family hauler, or a classy Cars & Coffee cruiser. 

The cabin is spacious and nicely equipped. It's also in above-average shape, compared to the typical Aristo interior we see. Access to the cabin is as easy as pressing unlock on the keyless fob and sliding in. Both driver and passenger benefit from dual SRS front and side airbags and power-adjustable seats. The dashboard is in good shape and lacks any cracking or distortion. An electric steering column makes finding the ideal driving position easy and the OEM cruise control is functional and can be controlled with a stalk located behind the steering wheel. Power folding mirrors, power locks, and power windows all work in typical Toyota fashion which makes daily driving much more enjoyable. The automatic digital climate control is intuitive to use, and doles out heat and proper cool A/C. To keep rear occupants cooled, a rare power sunshade can unfurl from the rear parcel shelf, keeping the harmful rays of the sun at bay. The upholstery is in far above-average shape. Its soft, and lacks any major rips, stains, or tears. The door cards, carpets, and headliner have resisted major use and abuse over the years and this cockpit was clearly cared for in Japan. The dashboard lacks any cracking or fading, as well. A Pioneer touchscreen audio system works like a charm and supplies tunes through the cabin. The soft-touch surfaces and plastics show little wear and even the OEM mats are included with the purchase of this Aristo. 

The Aristo shares its chassis, driveline, and running gear with our US GS300s, so parts are inexpensive and readily available. Those who are looking to daily drive will surely love the convenience of service and repair. The 2JZ-GE is fresh off an oil and filter service and whirrs to life care of a new 12v battery. The six-cylinder is a naturally low vibration engine which is part of this Aristo's appeal. One of our trained techs has refreshed the 3.0L heavily, starting with the most expensive preventative maintenance items. A new timing belt and water pump were replaced, and while we were in there, new cam seals, crank seals and valve cover gaskets were installed. The oil pan was resealed and we also replaced the tired old alternator with a new one so that the electronics will stay properly powered. So that fuel economy is maximized, new spark plugs and a new engine air filter were taken care of, too. The 2J feels strong as an ox and pulls hard to redline. Mated to a stout automatic gearbox, power is funneled to the rear wheel. Accelerating up to highway speeds is a stress-free affair and the VVT-i equipped powerplant makes tons of power for passing in the left lane. The suspension was refurbished with brand new front shocks and caster arms and a fresh alignment will ensure the Goodyear all season rubber lasts for a good while to come. The ride quality is above average and this saloon soaks up potholes large and small alike. This big body also slows down quite nicely with its standard anti-lock brakes. New pads and rotors were chucked on the front axle and the power steering is light yet provides tons of feedback. Ready to rock right out of the box, this lovely Toyota is a dream to drive. 

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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