1997 Nissan Cima Grand Touring

Sold: $11,795

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STOCK# 5500

This 1997 Nissan Cima is an incredible value for an executive class sedan. Powerful, packed with features, and safe, these sleds were built to stand the test of time. Finished in Nissan's classic Deep Evergreen Pearl (DP0), the paint is in good shape aside from some light chips and dings associated with normal use. Set off by an OEM optional front lip, OEM rear spoiler, optional gold emblems, and factory forged alloys, this saloon oozes class! Fresh off a recent service, this one-owner car is offered with a mere 45k verified and documented miles. Suited for daily driving, weekend trips, or the occasional Cars & Coffee, this wonderful Nissan is turn-key and ready to roll. For those looking for an affordable, spacious, and unique vehicle, this Cima is a killer option and a top-tier Japanese Classic.

The cabin is in above-average condition and was obviously cared for in a previous life. The dash is in wonderful nick, lacking any cracking or age-related flaws. The wood trim breaks up the dash, and is found around the cabin and center stack to deliver a more premium aesthetic. The front occupants benefit from electrically adjustable seats with integrated SRS side airbags and dual front SRS airbags. It should be noted the driver seat only folds forward to a point, so if you are 5' 7" or below the visibility forward could be affected. These types of safety features were really hard to find in the mid-90s and should add some peace of mind when traveling behind the wheel. Power windows, locks, and power-folding mirrors all work as advertised making daily use enjoyable. It doesn't stop there, as this Grand Touring model includes OEM TV/Nav with its rare factory remote control, and dual-zone automatic climate control. These systems both work properly and the sound quality is decent. We also wanted to note the A/C was recharged, so there is the possibility of a small leak, but it does blow cold. If you want to head out on an immediate road trip this is the car. It has keyless entry and cruise control which are hard to find! Yes, they do work, as does the factory air purifier. The door cards, headliner, and carpets are in good shape too. For a 25-year-old car it looks better than vehicles one-fourth its age!

The chassis is perhaps the most modern feeling platform we currently import in this segment. Compared to the Y32 it replaced, this sedan is more rigid, which aids the ride quality, and comes with one hell of an aluminum turbocharged V6. The VQ30DET under the hood is fresh off an oil and filter service and cranks up promptly, thanks to its new 12v battery. While in our shop we gave the 3.0L a new lease on life. The rear main seal was replaced by one of our trained technicians, and the old leaky valve cover gaskets were replaced with new ones to keep the powerplant topped up on oil. A new set of spark plugs were chucked in for good measure. The engine idles with very little vibration and sounds sporty when you get on the throttle. Torque is fed to the rear wheels through a buttery smooth automatic gearbox. The engine produces prodigious mid-range power and once it gets a head of steam it pulls like a V8. The long wheelbase makes for stable high-speed driving experience and the Cima gobbles up large and small potholes alike, and never seems phased. In fact, the lack of squeaks and rattles makes this particular sedan special, and it's easy to carry on a conversation or talk on the phone. If you plan to reel this big gal down from freeway speeds in a hurry, confident brakes are on standby. Anti-lock braking isn't seen on all imports of this era, but this one has it, and new front brake pads were installed here in the US. Lastly, the forged factory mesh wheels were wrapped in new all-season tires. The new rubber quieted down the ride even more so, but more importantly will deliver tens of thousands of miles of year-round grip to come.

In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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