1996 Integra Type R

Sold: $23,995

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Stock #5375

There is a shortlist of stellar FWD sports cars out there on the market and many enthusiasts feel the Type R is the pinnacle of compact car performance. It's hard to disagree when you get behind the wheel, and this 1996 ITR is one of the best handling and communicative platforms we get to sample. Offered with only 99k verified and documented miles, this punchy B18C powered car is barely broken in. Fresh off a recent service, this Championship White (NH-0) coupe is turn-key and ready to rock, and even includes a few performance and cosmetic upgrades. Prior repairs in Japan include a replacement hood, which has been changed to a vented, lightweight FRP unit. Aside from some light dings and chips associated with normal wear and tear, the paint and body look good. For the serious Honda enthusiast that wants a featherweight, fun, sporty, and sharp-looking ride, this Type R is surely the ticket.

The cabin features decent ergonomics, plenty of cargo room, and simple to use switchgear. The view of the road ahead is clear and unobstructed while the dash lacks any cracking or distortion. A racey, smaller diameter Sparco steering wheel and aftermarket blue and gray seats break up the color palette, and match the all-business demeanor of the DC2. There is some bolster wear and a dime-sized hole in the passenger seat bottom, but both adjustable seats are supportive. The a/c and heating controls are at hand and work as advertised. The door cards show the usual armrest wear common to the model, and the OEM front floor mats are included to protect the front carpet. A look behind will reveal the rear seats and carpet were removed, thereby adding lightness. If this were a Porsche we'd have to charge more for this customization, but kidding aside, the headliner is in good nick aside from some light adhesive in the center, and we also wanted to mention the Greddy gauges atop the dash are not currently hooked up. As a more purpose-built example, we figured the next owner will be happy and we genuinely hope this little rocket will hit the occasional autocross or two.

The chassis is sublime, simply put, and this Integra is a joy to drive at the limit. The front end bites hard into turns thanks to the helical LSD and the revvy 1.8L provides a fantastic throttle response. Fresh off an oil and filter service, the B-Series starts up promptly with the twist of the key thanks to a new 12v battery. It idles with confidence thanks to newly installed engine torque mounts, and sounds fantastic thanks to a free-flowing aftermarket exhaust. One of our trained technicians replaced the old valve cover gasket with a new one and chucked in a new thermostat for proper thermal management. Mated to a slick-shifting five-speed manual, this Honda is a blast to row through the gears. The feel of the transmission is much-improved thanks to some new shifter bushings we installed when it was in the shop, and the weighted knob is lovely. At the upper part of the RPM band, the sound of the VTEC engaging is an aural sensation, and the Apex'i intake just makes it better. You just can't help but smile when driving spiritedly. While it accelerates above average for a Honda the cornering is this vehicle's claim to fame. Cusco coilovers keep the fender gaps to a minimum and allow this Integra to corner as flat as a board. The brakes have been redone with new pads up front and the rotors were professionally resurfaced, too. The eye-catching Enkei split three-spoke alloys complete the aesthetic and are all wrapped in new tires. The brand new rubber will deliver all the adhesion needed for tens of thousands of miles to come, and quiet down the road noise, too! We even had an alignment performed for good measure.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB compliant first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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