1996 Honda Comfortable Runabout Vehicle

Sold: $10,995

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Stock Number: 4973

Honda's CR-V has made a name for itself due to its compact size and nearly indestructible drivetrain. Originally utilizing the Civic chassis they were able to add a small SUV body to it giving you far more unstable space for day-to-day life. Designed with a unibody chassis and fully independent suspension made it a rather serious contender despite its humble beginnings. Clearly, Honda was on to something based on how many you still see on the roads today. The factory brush guard and fogs are a nice touch that hint that this guy is more capable than you'd think at first glance. Finished in (B84P) Submarine Blue Pearl the small body SUV looks great. While we always note to expect some small blemishes in the clear coat and typical little stone chips there's really nothing to complain about. The same goes for your normal little door dings and things of that sort when it comes to the bodywork. The full-sized spare and cover really cap off the side profile with that oversized brush guard upfront. These even sport the little details like the roof rails and extended rear wing. The privacy tint on the rear windows cap it off nicely and really looks good against the blue bodywork.

While relatively simple, the interior is very purposely laid out. It's clear that Honda wanted to make the most out of the space they had created without running it into Range Rover territory in price with a slew of over-the-top electronics. You do get all of the basics for day-to-day life like your power windows, power locks, mirrors, and even an automatic climate control system. They even have clever little features like the pop-up center close tray with dual cup holders and even a collapsable picnic table in the rear. Yes, a picnic table is tucked underneath the rear mat above where the spare tire would be. Since practicality was the name of the game the rear seats flip forward and fold flat nearly doubling the size of the cargo area when you don't need it for passengers. Loading is also a breeze thanks to the split-folding design. Once you pop the top glass the lower half swings open to give you direct access to the hatch. The interior has been kept all stock with the exception of the radio which has been upgraded to a newer Kenwood unit. The radio works as it should despite its limited reception here stateside. The seats are in great shape, free of the typical bolster wear or stains we expect for a daily commuter. The seats are quite comfortable for long drives which is a really underrated thing these days.

One of the most appealing ownership benefits is knowing that you're driving a Honda. Fitted with a capable AWD system and plenty of ground clearance you won't have any issues with those fluke snow storms half the country has been dealing with. Or for those of you rural route mail carriers you won't have any issues with those rutted up shoulders. Power comes from Honda's legendary Honda B20B four-cylinder engine. While it's not the most high-strung motor of the lineup it makes more than enough power to get you comfortably down the highway. Mated to an automatic transmission it doesn't get much easier to pilot than this CR-V. The auto happily runs through the gears and shifts with ease. Power is sent to all four wheels which is a little uncommon in the Honda world but makes day-to-day life much more assured. 5 new tires make sure you won't have any issues with traction regardless of the weather. The suspension is compliant and gives a great ride quality regardless of what the roads are like where you live. The steering is light and power-assisted, making this little five-seater easy to park in the city. Thanks to a new 12V battery the 4 cylinder is quick to fire up and settles into a rather quiet idle. With only 107K verified miles you know this guy is only just getting broken in. We also went ahead and threw in a new air filter to make sure it doesn't have any issues breathing and we also retightened the valve cover as that's a notorious issue with Hondas. For those looking for something with a bit of flair but worried about parts availability then we've got the crossover for you. With its proven track record, great ride, and ample space these really are ideal daily drivers. The only thing this CR-V is missing is a new driveway to call home.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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