1995 Toyota JZX90 Mark II

Sold: $13,495

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Stock Number: 4518

The Toyota JZX90 chassis is one of our personal favorites as it perfectly balances performance, usability, and comfort. Toyota was well ahead of the game when it came to performance sedans back in the day. The Mark II was a nimble all-around performer while the Aristo was a luxury tour de force with its monster 2JZ-GTE or the legend that is the Supra that needs no introduction. The 90's offered the practicality of a four-door that didn't skimp on amenities while making sure it was the most well-rounded performer of the group. This '95 Tourer V just touched down with just 58K verified miles and comes with quite a few nice additions to ramp things up a bit. The JZX90 has always been criticized for being a little tame in the looks department, which in turn makes it such a great sleeper. This one has had things kicked up a bit to prevent it from being accused of being a Camry or something more mainstream. A Vertex style front half bumper really kicks up the Kouki bumper and flows nicely with the optional side skirts. Rear spats do a great job of showcasing the HKS HiPower catback exhaust which is one of the first signs that this car isn't your normal Toyota four-door. The Opal White Pearl (046) paint looks great and really matches up well with all of the aftermarket aero. Typically when everything blends together so nicely it's safe to assume that it was resprayed at some point in time which means that it's largely blemish-free. There's always going to be a few stone chips and minor scratches, but nothing of real concern. The same can be said about the body as everything lines up nicely and the doors have a gratifying thud you just don't get in newer cars. While the stock wheels are fine they leave a bit to be desired. The 17" Riverside Stitch Mesh wheels have seen better days as the finish is flaking a fair bit, but nothing a little powder coating couldn't fix.

The interior of the JZX90 has been well cared for and it shows. No modifications have been made inside the cabin which is a bit of a surprise. Typically the stock wheel or head unit are some of the first items to go but both are present and in rather good shape. Even the common issues we see like cracked center trim pieces or fabric delamination have been kept at bay. There are only really two spots above the center console on the dash that split (about 3") that it looks like they tried to previously patch up worth noting. One of the highest wear item in every car is the driver's seat, we're happy to report that this one has been kept up with quite well. The typical bolster wear has been kept to a minimum along with any real staining. The passenger and rear bench are both equally clean and really quite comfortable for those long road trips. The door panels are also in excellent shape and do not have any real signs of wear and are very soft to the touch. Power locks, windows, and folding mirrors are working great, and Toyota even added a "one touch" feature for the driver side power window. The automatic climate control is a must for the upcoming summer heat and is rather easy to use when you're on the road.

The best part of owning a JZX90 is knowing what lies below the hood. The average person will have no idea that these guys are packing a 2.5 Liter twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE. These have an incredible amount of mid-range power and feel like they never want to stop pulling. Its silky-smooth operation is a trademark of the I6 architecture and makes the cabin near vibration-free. While these are plenty quick in stock trim there are a few basics that it feels like most all of them should get. That HKS exhaust really lets the 1J sing and boy does it. Upfront you have an open intake system that lets the turbos actually be heard both in and outside of the cabin which is a great little hint that this car means business. The automatic transmission sends the power to the back wheels the way a proper saloon should. And while many hate on the automatics, this transmission is shockingly good. It's ideal when cruising around town or making your normal commute, but when you want to get around someone it's quick to respond. The shifts are crisp, and you don't have a massive delay when you put your foot down. The brakes and suspension are more than capable of keeping the sedan in check and there are plenty of aftermarket options available if you want to spice things up a bit. We did notice while under the car that it does have some surface corrosion on the subframe due to how little it was driven over the years. Nothing of real concern, but it can be seen in the photos. It is evident that this one was well maintained mechanically back in Japan, for instance, the timing belt was replaced just 5K miles ago. Subsequently, it didn't need much once touching down aside from a fresh set of rubber and your typical oil change. This platform is ideal for those after a proper daily driver that still has gobs of untapped potential. While we all love proper 2 seat sports cars the practicality of a sedan paired with similar performance is a tough combination to beat.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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