1995 Toyota Granvia

Available for: $12,995

Stock Number: 4806

Over the years we've had more than our fair share of Toyota's legendary HiAce, however, this is our first Granvia. The Granvia was an evolution of the beloved HiAce taking everything we loved about those and kicking things up a notch. Aesthetically the tweaks are rather obvious, most notably the semi hood design as opposed to the cab over engine of the earlier models. Similar to the way Mitsubishi's L300 Delica was revised in the L400 model. Due to increased safety regulations, the engine was relocated forward of the front wheels for better impact protection which in turn gives you far more useable cabin space. Bodywise they haven't changed things up too much so it still has that familiar feel. In keeping with the previous ones, they kept the two-tone paint scheme which gives it a bit of flair for being a van. The top half is a soft silverish green while the bottom is deep forest green (2AZ is the technical code for it.) The paint is in fantastic shape and it really does have a good pop to it out in the sun. Since the color palette is relatively muted it doesn't scream look at me, which is great when you may not be paying too much attention to how fast you're going. With a mere 49K verified miles it should come as no surprise that the bodywork is in just as good of shape as the paint itself. While we would never claim something is in showroom new condition, it's in far better shape than most of the cars on the road today half its age. The Terzo ladder rack on the back hints that this isn't your typical Sienna and is a nice touch if you want to add a roof rack down the line for some extra storage.

As with all vans the interior is where they really shine. Whether you're looking for something to haul around the kids that isn't your typical boring van or planning to get a little more adventurous and do some camping trips the interior is well designed for it. Since the motor is no longer crammed up under you, the entire floorplan is one level giving you more useable storage space. Both your middle and 3rd rows are nothing sliding adjustable to so you can easily hop into the back row and still find enough legroom for everyone to not complain. On the flip side, if you don't need the third row for passengers you can slide it forward to make more rear cargo space. Of course, both rows fold fully flat and you have curtains all the way around for privacy once you get where you're going. These came rather well-appointed from the factory. Naturally all of the normal power accessories like power windows, mirrors, and locks. On the other hand, dual factory airbags were far less common for the era. The front row has a large venting sunroof while the rear seats get the star of the show which is a massive power panoramic sunroof. When you'd rather not go for the fresh air route you've got dual-zone climate control to keep everyone happy. The interior was left all original, the only change is the head unit and the nav screen that was mounted atop the dash. The seats themselves are particularly soft while still giving you plenty of support on long hauls. Shockingly the seats are stain free which is hard to find when you consider who's usually riding in the back of a van. The same can be said about the carpets and headliner, it even still has its original floor mats and all the records in the center console. The biggest issue with the interior is that the tachometer is stuck at 2k RPM at all times, but this van is an auto so its not a huge deal.

Under the stubby bonnet is Toyota's tried and true 1KZ-TE 3.0L turbo diesel. They've been using this motor in all of their large vehicles like Land Cruisers and Hiluxs since they're bulletproof. The torque from the diesel has more than enough power to get you going without breaking a sweat. Being an AWD setup you've got little concern when the road starts to disappear or simply the weather turns nasty. Thanks to a fresh battery the big 4 cylinder turns over with ease and settles into an easy idle, at least as calm as a diesel gets. The auto makes cruising around town a breeze and engage without any fuss. The big 7 seater has no issues running through the gears and makes for an excellent highway cruiser. The new generation also rides better thanks to an independent rear suspension, unlike the older solid rear setup. The steering is rather light and the brakes have a good pedal feel. Since the front overhang is still kept to a minimum you've got great visibility for parking and the turn radius is kept to a minimum for its size. Fresh rubber will help with traction for the last half of winter and should carry you easily through the rest of the year. All-weather capability and more than enough room for everyone to tag along, the Granvia makes a ton of sense for a new daily. You're also guaranteed not to pull up alongside another one at the pump, unlike every other drab van that Toyota sells these days. With mileage this low and that's packed full of modern features, it's hard to justify the prices of those newer vans when this one has so much more to offer!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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