1995 Nissan Skyline BCNR GTR

Sold: $46,995

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Stock Number: 4529

When it comes to Japanese performance cars you'll be hard-pressed to find something with more heritage than the GTR. Becoming a legend on both the track and the streets the GTR has secured its spot in history. Our latest '95 is a great example of just why these cars are so special. The evolution of the R32 took all the best aspects and improved on them making an absolutely magnificent driving machine. A 2.6L straight-six with two turbos powering all four wheels, whats not to love? The bodywork has been kept all stock with the addition of a killer set of bronze 18" Volk CE28s. The stock wheels are good but certainly can't touch the Volks. The styling is largely attributed to the new computer-aided aerodynamics which was a first for the Skyline. The Cloud White (QM1) paint is one of the most desirable color choices since it looks great from every angle. The paint does show its age a bit as there are some scuffs on the lower edge of the bumper and a little bit of fade since they used several different materials. The hood, for instance, is aluminum while the bumpers are plastic so it has a tendency to show slightly differently due to that. The body itself is in great shape other than your typical door ding or two which you'd expect to find on any 25 year old car. While the dash only reads 5K miles the cluster was replaced by the dealership at 71,997 miles. We can also tell that by the last timing belt replacement which was done at 54K which we'll be replaced along with the water pump that way the new owner has one less thing to worry about.

The interior of the R33 was leaps and bounds above the outgoing R32s. For instance, the plastics used throughout the interior hold up much better, and thanks to the design get rid of the typical bubble that's so common with the R32s. This one has had several tweaks made to the cabin. All of the plastics, for instance, have been wrapped in a carbon fiber vinyl which is a nice little touch. The biggest improvement are the Recaro adjustable buckets which offer a tremendous amount of lateral support without feeling like you've got to squeeze into them like other race buckets. Normally we expect to see some wear to the bolsters from getting in and out but these have been kept up with well above average. Both are free of any stains or fading over the years and really fit the sporty looks. The back seats have been fitted with a nice leather seat cover which dresses up the back along with adding an extra layer of protection. The original floor mats have been replaced with a very nice set of Nismo mats to keep the original carpeting looking fresh. A Momo competition wheel takes the place of the original one and feels as good in the hand as it looks. Tucked in nicely next to the steering column is an HKS EVC which offers real-time monitoring along with boost controls on the fly. One of the more surprising upgrades is the Carrozzeria radio which not only has a USB input but also goes up to 100FM which is far more useful than most of the ones we see. The door panels are in great shape and don't seem to suffer from some of the more typical delaminations that the R32s did. The cluster and signature center console gauge suite have all been upgraded to LEDs which give the cockpit a bit of an updated feel. These did sport all of the power accessories of the time; power windows, mirrors, locks, and digital climate control. Everything is working as it should, even the dashcam tucked nicely behind the Broadway static rearview mirror.

Under the hood is what makes this car just so special, Nissan's legendary RB26DETT. Two turbos mean twice the fun after all. The motor makes gobs of torque and pulls like a freight train, and that’s just in stock trim. Throw some performance bits on it and you’ve got a real monster on your hands. Our GTR has been kept largely all stock with the addition of a much needed A'PEXi catback exhaust. The RB really needs a proper exhaust since it's far too quiet in stock trim. While fundamentally similar to the drivetrain used in the R32 it has undergone several upgrades from the factory. Since Nissan was part of the gentleman's horsepower agreement of the era the output "claims" to be the same as the R32 it replaces. The turbo compressor and downpipe were revised, they switched over to a more efficient ball bearing turbo, larger intercooler to name a few. The ATTESA all-wheel-drive system and HICAS all-wheel steering have been improved upon as well. The only trans option was a proper 3 pedal setup which is a blast to row through. The shifter in this one feels aftermarket as its far more crisp than usual but we haven't pulled it apart to verify. The stock suspension was upgraded from the factory to reduce body roll while not feeling like it's going to beat you to death over every bump in the road. The factory Brembos have no trouble in reeling you down from speed and offer a very reassuring pedal feel. The way it sits though makes it the perfect weekend driver's car. To make sure you can cruise it back home without any concerns we've gone over it and taken care of quite a few service items. The big one being the new timing belt and water pump along with the front main seal while we've got it all apart. The Volks are wrapped in fresh rubber and to ensure a good start every time we've thrown in a new battery and of course an oil change. When you get down to it this really is a pinnacle car. Timeless good looks, incredible power, yet refined enough to actually enjoy; the R33 GTR really is the complete package.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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