1995 Nissan 180SX Fastback

Sold: $18,495

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Stock Number: 4841

The well-known Nissan S13 hatchback is no question one of the most desired vehicles offered from Nissan's stable in the '90s. A clean S Chassis is one of the best driver's cars on the road still to this day. Its lightweight chassis offers superb feedback while still retaining a degree of practicality. While normally we tend to gravitate towards more stock cars this one has had quite a few upgrades over the years to turn it into a more purpose-built track car. Finished in a classic Crystal White (326), the simple lines stand out and create a sleek fastback profile. The body is in good shape sans the normal dings and scuffs associated with normal use over the years, and the clear coat still shows plenty of luster. For being more of a track car build it's a bit of a surprise that the body has been kept all stock. The only thing that hints at what's really doing on are the bronze 17" Stage Knight wheels wrapped in fresh rubber with those blue R32 GTR brake calipers peeking out from behind it.

The interior on the other hand definitely lets you know what this car is all about. Out with all the dead weight like carpets, back seats, and trim panels. The driver's seat has been replaced for a far more capable Bride fixed back bucket. There is some wear along the top of the bolster from climbing in and out of it over the years, but that's pretty commonplace for these. Otherwise the seat is in surprisingly good shape. The stock passenger seat is in right good shape for its age and doesn't appear to have had too many passengers over the years. Once you settle into the Bride seat you feel completely connected in the cockpit. The dash and gauge cluster is a bit sparse in the S chassis so Defi was turned to for actual vital monitoring. Boost is atop the steering column, tucked neatly behind the Momo 3 spoke wheel. Mounted cleanly in the dash on the passenger side are your Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, and Water Temp. Like all S13s the dash does suffer from the typical cracks which is why it sports the Shevron dash mat. The basics have all still been retained like your power windows, mirrors, and the automatic digital climate control. All of which are still functioning properly which means you can still enjoy driving this guy on the weekends as much as you can at the track. The double din stereo does function, though limited, so you'll probably want to swap that out in due time.

Pop the hood and you'll find the iconic SR20DET. The Aluminum 2.0 liter has become an icon in the S Chassis world. Unlike all of the USDM models that have to undergo a transplant, the JDM spec vehicles came from the factory with the proper motor choice. With only 101K verified miles the two-liter fires right up thanks to a new battery and sounds savage through the one-off straight piped exhaust. The suspension is really what makes a car, and this one has had some serious hardware thrown at it. D-Max Super Street adjustable coilovers get the car dialed down to a proper height. The inner and outer tie rods were replaced once it got here, but it also sports KTS end links. D-Max Pillow Tension Rods and KTS Traction Rods were added front and rear for even further adjustability. You've also got Cusco front and rear strut tower braces as well as a Nismo engine mount. Traction is great, but you do still have to get that power to the ground so a Nismo 2 way LSD was added so you won't have any issues with that now. The SR doesn't need much help out of the gate but several items have been improved on. A larger Koyo radiator was added along with a switch-activated fan instead of the stock ones. The fuel pump was upgraded to a SARD unit to keep up with the added boost you have on tap thanks to the Blitz boost controller. The open filter HKS intake lets the turbo scream when you get on it and we wouldn't want that any other way. The 5-speed shifts with ease and the clutch is surprisingly forgiving, it is communicative and nicely gated. With its already superb motor and lightweight body it really is one of the best cars Nissan's built to date. Between the stylish good looks and rewarding drive, it's tough to match the S13's value. With clean, good running examples becoming more difficult to find every day, this 180SX really is the quintessential Japanese Classic.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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