1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX

Sold: $9,995

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Stock Number: 4483

Mitsubishi's "Fresh Touring Origination" is one of those truly unique JDM vehicles that us lowly American's have only dreamed about since its origination in '94. Back in the early '70s Mitsubishi introduced the original Galant FTO which is what the new generation harkened back to. In its inaugural year, it won Japan's prestigious Car Of The Year due to its sleek design and rewarding drive. While offered in several different trim options out GPX was the top of the line featuring the naturally aspirated version of the Galant VR4's 2.0L V6. While it's been considered the little brother to the FTO it shares generally little in common with it. The bodylines are truly one of a kind and look as if it had a lot of Italian influence as opposed to most of the cars we saw from the time. Its pronounced front fenders that mold into the flowing hood shape rewards to a sharp tail end that really turns heads everywhere it goes. It's safe to say you won't stumble across another one of these at your local cars and coffee. You would think with its micro side windows and large C-pillar visibility would be an issue but due to its short wheelbase, you can easily glance out of the back window if necessary. The OEM bodywork looks spectacular in Mitsubishi's Pyreness Black Pearl (X08) as it really lets the detailed lines shine. The paint itself is in good condition with only minor issues to report. While it's free of any notable scratches there is some etching in the clear coat from acid rain over the years. A good paint correction would do wonders, but it's certainly not necessary. Barring an errant door ding or two the bodywork is in great shape with everything lining up nicely.

The multicolor sport seats offer fantastic support without feeling like you had to cram your way into them as many aftermarket buckets do. The seats are in well above average shape, free of any stains or seam separations. Actually, the entire interior is in phenomenal condition from the headliner down to the carpeting. With only 34K verified miles it comes as little surprise the overall condition of the car though. The sporty dash has been spared from any sun damage that we typically see in Nissans and Toyotas and has a very centralized layout. The gauge faces are easy to read and even offer some interesting little pieces like the actual gear selector next to the traditional "PRND" that you would find in most automatics. The reason being this automatic is one of the first offerings of a semi-manual gearbox. Mitsubishi modeled the gearbox after Porsche's original Tiptronic which they called Invecs-II. The gearbox is really quite responsive and allows you to get the most out of that 8K redline. While this system isn't as sophisticated as a new F1 style gearbox, its quite impressive for its age. Like most cars of the era it does have all of your typical power accessories; power windows, mirrors, and locks. Mitsubishi offered a very nice digital climate control system in comparison to many of the other companies at the time. The only deviation from the factory is the Carrozzerria double din which surprisingly goes up to 99 FM so you have a good bit more use here stateside than most do. While the backseat are a bit cramped, the cockpit of the FTO is a great place to spend the day out cruising backroads.

Under the long, sloping, hood is the transversely mounted two-liter V6 6A12. The naturally aspirated 6 makes 197 hp at 7,500 RPM meaning its no slouch either. The V6 fires right up with a quick twist of the key and settles into a nice idle. While the exhaust is stock the GPX has a surprisingly good tone, especially on upshifts. Normally with a front-engine, front wheel drive layout, the car has a tendency to feel like its a bit nose heavy or pushes when you get into the twisties. Mitsubishi did a great job with the chassis and suspension to keep it very well balanced and linear. The steering feedback is great and the FTO feels very light on its feet. On MIVEC-engined models, the front brake calipers are larger with twin-piston operation, compared to the single-piston units of the other models. New rubber on all four corners also helps to keep traction when you're hard on the brakes. Maintenance appears to have been well kept up back in Japan as many of the routine service items had been addressed prior to export, like those brakes for instance. We did go ahead and perform a routine oil change once it touched down for good measure. While the mileage is exceptionally low the undercarriage does have some surface rust build-up which you can see in the photos. Mitsubishi did a great job with this model, even if it did have a relatively short production run of only six years. Finally, you can see for yourself what Mitsu had in mind when they went to the drawing board with this one. Finding a car in this great condition 25 years later is hard-pressed no matter what brand you're looking at. Now is your chance to own one spectacular example that just so happens to be one of the first stateside!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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