1995 Daihatsu Mira L502

Sold: $7,495

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Stock Number: 4356

New and improved for '95 Daihatsu finally introduced its first hot hat Kei car. While not exactly the same hot hatches that normally come to mind like the GTi or Focus RS the Mira takes that same fun-loving idea and puts it in a package small enough to fit in the back of those. While that is a bit of a sarcastic stretch, the Mira really does take the smallest package available and turns it into a shockingly practical 3 door hatch. The Japanese are notorious for their ability to get the most out of any space available. Since its a bit hard to show perspective this little guy comes in at about 10.75' long by about 4.5' wide so you can literally park it anywhere. While the L500 series is similar to the outgoing L200 it had quite a few aesthetic upgrades to give it a more fitting sporty look. With its massive hood scoop, aggressive front bumper, dual wings, and rear spats it certainly does a better job of looking the part. Originally leaving the factory in Daihatsu White (W09) it underwent a full one off color swap. Fitted with a much more unique two-tone Desert Sand Metallic and Black roof the little Mira becomes quite a looker. They didn't paint the jams on this one, but luckily since they're so small it's not all that noticeable. The paint is in overall great shape, however, it's not what you'd consider a show car paint job. Based on its condition it feels safe to say it was shot shortly before leaving Japan so it hasn't collected the typical clear coat scratches and stone chips we would normally expect to see. The body is also in surprisingly good condition with only a few little door dings. This is also one of the first time that factory 13" sport wheels actually look good on a stock height car.

The pint-sized hatch has a shockingly roomy interior. While it looks more like it was built for a family of clowns as a 6'2" driver there's still another 5 or 6 inches of head room. The next worry is that you're sitting with your knees straddling the steering wheel like in a Mini but its actually a comfortable seating position. The seats themselves are aggressively bolstered considering the segment and offer a lot of lateral support. Typically the more bolstered the seat the more wear we see on them, but both driver and passenger are in awesome shape. Barring a touch of discoloration on the seat base they've been spared from any rips or egregious stains. Back seats are more spacious than you would expect, but its not somewhere four adults will want to pile into for a long road trip. They do fold down which is a nice touch that way you can boost your trunk space to about 4.5' worth of depth. The wheel itself was upgraded to a superior Momo Sport and the diameter is spot on. The red face gauges peering behind it hype up the race car feel, especially with its 8.5K redline. While these were sparse in the options department the Mira does sport power windows and a full climate control system. A/C is functioning however the compressor does make some excess noise.

Under the hood lies a monstrous JB-JL 659cc water-cooled turbo 4 cylinder. Finally offering a boosted variant is what made the L500 so much more exciting than the earlier models. Due to Japanese horsepower regulations, the motor is rated at 63hp which is likely underrated. The little four has no problems in sending the power to the front wheels with ease. Much to our surprise, it feels as if the diff has been upgraded to a beefier LSD to top things off. With only 107K miles this little guy is only just getting wound up. With a quick twist of the key, the four-cylinder roars to life through an aftermarket catback exhaust which sounds impressive considering the size of everything. The auto engages with ease and isn't terribly sluggish considering these were ultimately built as economy cars. The shifts are relatively smooth and have no problem with getting you up to speed. These are built more as city runabouts but you can get up to highway speeds. We've gone ahead and brought all of the maintenance up to date to ensure that it's ready for its maiden US voyage. Fresh 13's wrap the two-tone 8 spoke wheels, a new set of plugs, and an oil change has it back in top shape. Great fun can come in small packages and the Mira exemplifies that. The quirky little hatch gets stares everywhere it goes yet is still practical enough to actually use on the regular. Many of the Kei cars we sell can hardly fit a loaf of bread in them, but not the Mira. If you're looking to stand out in a sea of pointless SUVs and drab sedans then look no further!

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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