1994 Toyota Surf SSR-X

Sold: $14,995

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The Toyota Hilux is undoubtedly one of the best vehicles ever built by Toyota, and not just of the '90s. The US 4Runner and Tacoma are still regarded as one of the best performers by reliability standards and resale value. Unfortunately here in the US, we have a tendency to get shafted out of the best engine options and models due to strict US regulations. Our '94 Hilux is a prime example of this, fitted with the bulletproof 1KZ-TE 3.0 turbo diesel that was never offered here. The SSR-X trim came with all of the modern luxuries you'd want to a daily driver with the ability to go anywhere and do anything with a little aftermarket support. The Prussian Red Pearl (25T) paint really pops against the chrome accent pieces. The paint is in excellent condition; for being 25 years old this Hilux looks better than cars half its age running around the US. The body looks just as good with no notable spots to point out. Naturally, there is a door ding or two, but nothing of concern. The stock body on these is instantly recognizable, however, if you want to take a more custom approach these are the same as the USDM 4Runner which means the aftermarket parts availability is through the roof.

The interior of the Surf has been kept up with just as well as the body, if not better. The greyscale striped seats are in outstanding condition with hardly any signs of wear. Normally with the SUV's like this, we see some seat wear along the bolster and leading-edge from getting in and out, but overall this one has been spared. Both front seats and the rear row are stain and discoloration free with carpets that match. The only real flaw to note is a crack along the top of the gauge cluster. It's in a place that you can't see from the driver's seat so most people will quickly forget that it's even there. This one is fitted with a more rare sunroof option which really opens up the cabin when you roll down the back glass. Of course, on those days where it's just too hot to roll around with the windows down the surf does have a strong A/C system to fall back on.

Powered by the brutish 3.0L 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine this Hilux is ready to tackle whatever you have to throw at it. Without a doubt, the 3L was the best motor never offered here and famous for being indestructible. The large four-cylinder fires up quickly. Idle is as smooth as a huge four-cylinder can be, and the diesel clatter isn't invasive in the cabin. This reliable turbo diesel gets up to highway speed quickly and effortlessly, comfortably cruising at speeds. The stout automatic transmission shifts well, and the robust 4WD system functions properly. While the dash reads 11K miles it was not verified prior to leaving Japan. According to the timing belt sticker it was replaced at 67K miles. That sticker will read the mileage from the odometer, so it feels safe to say that the cluster was replaced with a new one shortly after that. Based on the overall cleanliness we see no reason to believe that it's much higher than 78K, however, since it was not verified we can only speculate. Since arriving stateside our techs have gone through and made sure that everything is brought up to par. After taking care of a slacked up serpentine belt, a routine oil change, and 4 brand new tires this surf is ready to show the US what we were missing out on. Whether you're looking for a proper daily driver or a platform to build a wild trail rig off of, the Hilux has you covered.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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