1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel VX Limited

Sold: $24,995

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Stock Number: 4642

Driving a big, imposing, right hand drive 80 Series Cruiser makes you feel like a big kid. While the Tonka-trunk look may be one of the biggest draws, there is a surprisingly practical side to these that makes for a compelling case when considering a new daily. With this generation Cruiser having been sold here in the US, parts, and service solutions are readily available. While most stateside have been ridden hard and put away wet, the ones we bring in are typically in twice the condition with half the miles. Our latest one has gone through a few color changes over the years, and frankly for the best. Originally it left the factory in the Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1) it has since been swapped over to a far more interesting TRD Pro Army Green and black combo. The result is one seriously tough-looking truck. The paint looks killer, and while the jambs are still black it looks far more intentional than your average respray. Especially when you factor in the newer style grille and the classic 16" Mickey Thompson wheels. Wrapped in a fresh set of 35" Falken All Terrains this 80 series really does look like the Tonka Trucks we grew up playing with. The body is in particularly good shape considering it has 127K verified miles. Of course, there's still always going to be a few little routine things like a door ding or two and a few paint imperfections since it wasn't factory, but nothing out of the ordinary.

With the exception of an aftermarket Kenwood head unit, the interior has been left all stock. If it's not broke then why fix it, right? Toyota has always been known for their quality and the interior really reflects that. Aside from the plethora of electronic goodies, the materials they chose have proven to hold up much better than the competition. The 80 has copious amounts of interior headroom and legroom whether you're in the driver's seat or in the back. With its two-inch lift and those 35s you've got a commanding view of the road ahead. The two-tone Alcantara seats are a nice touch and are particularly comfortable. The driver's seat does show some wear in the form of some pilling to the seat base but is free from to more concerning stains or tears. Normally we expect to see the bolster/seat base to start breaking down along the edge from having to hoist yourself up and down but that has been kept at bay on this one. Per usual the passenger and back seats are in even better shape since I'm sure they've seen considerably less use over the years. The massive dash is in good shape and lacks any major damage like cracks or discoloration from the sun over the years. The gauges are all easy to read, and all the climate control buttons are large and easily laid out for when you're on the go. Being the VX Limited trim level you get all the extra bits like the CoolBox center console and a power sunroof. Of course, all of the other typical amenities of the era were present; dual zone climate control with cold A/C, cruise control, power windows/mirrors/locks.

A proper Tonka truck needs a proper drivetrain, and this HDJ81 has that covered. Underneath the massive hood is Toyota's tried and true 1HD-T 4.2 straight-six. These torquey beasts are known for being bulletproof and have surprisingly little vibration. With how quickly it fires up you'd almost mistake it for a gas one until you get that oh so familiar diesel rumble. They're surprisingly quiet considering the size of the straight 6, then again with a little exhaust work you could change that. From the bottom of the powerband, a noticeable difference in acceleration can be felt from its gasoline-powered counterparts we got stateside. The automatic transmission shifts well, albeit with little urgency. The big bruiser has no issues getting up to highway speeds and is rather subdued around town. With the nature of the 35's there is a bit of road noise that comes with it, but anyone familiar with these setups is typically already accustomed to that. To ensure that you're never looking for grip the electronic LSD front and rear can be locked via the quick press of a button. On the flip side, the brakes have no issue bringing the massive cruiser down from speed. While they're not going to stop you on a dime seeing as these are 5K+ pounds, they feel plenty good. Service is rather simple with these since most of the parts overlap to the US 80 series. One of the biggest concerns people have is the timing belt which was actually just replaced 3K mileage ago before leaving Japan. Those new Falkens and a simple oil and filter change has this one ready to conquer the streets. With its bulletproof reputation and fantastic condition make this an instant Japanese Classic. The gold standard of SUVs, these Land Cruisers provide unbeatable value.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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